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November 13, 2014
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Clean India – Attitude change is more important than the movement

Prime Minister Modi has laid a lot of emphasis on cleanliness. In this direction, he launched the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. This movement envisages a clean India through participation of every Indian. A lot of suspicion prevails over the success of this campaign, as many are arguing that until the attitude and mentality of people changes no campaign can clean India. So, should government have launched a mass awareness mission to change the mentality prior to Swach Bharat Abhiyan?


-There will be no expected participation unless people’s attitude towards cleanliness and its importance changes. 

– Indians generally cares very less about hygiene. Most of them even spit where ever they want, as they are unaware of the health implications. Their habit will not change unless they are aware.

-Workers indulge in cleaning jobs hardly gets any respect within the society. Most of them are from Scheduled casts. Unless the mentality towards these workers and their job changes, we cannot expect the mass participation.

-People keep their home clean, but when it comes to surroundings like streets, parks etc. nobody cares because they perceive it as the duty of government even though they themselves are responsible for throwing garbage and making their surroundings dirty.


-Launching this mission with active participation of PM, ministers and officials itself motivates citizens to participate. 

-The mission highlights the importance of cleanliness very well and making them aware is an integral part for this mission.

-The issue of cleanliness was not given enough priority during the last many decades. This campaign will prioritize this issue.

-We cannot wait for changing mentalities and attitudes as burden of health diseases on the economy due to lack of cleanliness is increasing. 

-Most importantly, taking action for making India clean through this campaign itself is the first necessary step towards realizing this dream.

Making people aware is important, but more important is that this awareness is converted to actions. As government itself has taken the initiative, this will definitely motivate people and make them realize that cleanliness is not just government’s responsibility. On its part government can introduce a separate awareness drive too, so that more and more people join this campaign. Ultimately, these efforts will not only force people to change their attitude of “nothing will change” but also ensures their participation too.

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