beti bachao beti padhao will it abolish the orthodox mindset
“Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” – Will It Abolish The Orthodox Mindset?
June 29, 2018
common english idioms and phrases part-3
Common English Idioms and Phrases Part-3
June 30, 2018
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common english idioms and phrases part-2

common english idioms and phrases part-2

common english idioms and phrases part-2

Here we would like to discuss some phrase and idioms “common english idioms and phrases part-2”

1: Old hat
Meaning: someone who is old fashioned

  • The grocer is an old hat, he will not give you a single penny of discount.
  • She maybe old hat but knows so much about her trade that is sure to surprise you.
  • I like old hat person because they know how to handle measure situation than me.

2: Tall story
Meaning: a story that cannot be believed easily

  • Ram says since most of them are just tall stories.
  • Politician runs their business on tall stories.
  • The death of my friend’s brother is a tall story.

“Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” – Will It Abolish The Orthodox Mindset?

3: The ball is in court
Meaning: the initiative for taking action lies with somebody

  • She had initiated the conversation but the ball is now is his court if it wants to consider her proposal of marriage.
  • His family and friends have requested him to apologize to his boss.
  • I have already agreed to meet this guy to here his proposal out but he did not show up in time the ball is still in his court.

4:Bend over backwards
Meaning: do all in one’s power

  • Banks are bending over backwards to provide facilities to the depositors.
  • He will bend over backwards to help you . you just have to ask.
  • Our hosts were amazing people and bend over backwards to keep us comfortable.

5: The ball rolling
Meaning: to start conversation in a social setting

  • The supporters of the student’s leader got the ball rolling by shouting slogans in favors of his candidature.
  • Think 10 times when you want to the ball rolling. Something new.
  • The cabinet proposal on women’s safety was shutdown earlier in parliaments but the ball of rolling again after this really unfortunate incident.

10: About to
Meaning: something on just going to be done

  • I think he is about to make a big decision.
  • I was about to come to you for advice when you called me.
  • The cave is about fall hence visitors have been advised to keep away.

We have discussed “Common English Idioms & Phrases Part-2″.


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