Why Google is bad for you and your family?
Why Google is bad for you and your family?
June 30, 2018
Common English Idioms and Phrases Part-5
Common English Idioms and Phrases Part-5
July 5, 2018
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common english idioms and phrases-part-4

common english idioms and phrases-part-4

common english idioms and phrases-part-4

Here we will discussed Some Common English Idioms & Phrases in this blog which is very helpful for developing vocabulary power of an individual. common english idioms and phrases-part-4

1:Be in seventh heaven

Meaning: extremely happy

  • Example:-I am in seventh heaven as I have cracked the OAS examination in 2018 in the first attempt in my career.
  • I sing devotional song when I be in seventh heaven.
  • When I go to puri sea beach and enjoy with my friends and family members I feel in seventh heaven.

2: ball of fire

Meaning: active and energetic

  • He is taking so many office stresses to his mind but always he looks ball of fire.
  • You should always be ball of fire to face any type of situation of life.
  • If you want to achieve the goal you should always be like ball of fire.

3: beat one’s brain out

Meaning: to work hard

  • If you want to achieve success you have to beat one’s brain out.
  • There is no substitute of beat one’s brain out to get back something.
  • Everyone does beat one’s brain out in their life but as a consequence they do not get anything.

4: bite the bullet

Meaning: to face a difficult situation bravely.

  • I know you have such capacity to bite the bullet but this time what happened I do not understand.
  • My friend is in defense service. He takes bite the bullet and daring steps always.
  • The people who have patience capacity he will win the match of life by depleting bite the bullet.

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5:black sheep

Meaning: worst member

  • You are not doing anything for our family so you are the black sheep.
  • Your behavior Is not good so you have no rights to sit in meeting because you are a black sheep of our organization.
  • Black sheep always blemish by other due to their rudeness behavior.
  • Raman is called as a black sheep by us.

6:blow mind

Meaning: excitement

  • Do you know my brother’s marriage is going to held in this Sunday that’s way I am blow mind.
  • I feel blow mind when I buy some new dresses from market.
  • I am very blow mind because my exam result is coming today’s night.

7: blue in the face

Meaning: speechless

  • I am unable to control that situation because situation was out of control at that time I became speechless.
  • Gabriel was blue in the face for a long moment because his result was not good.
  • Blue in the face, she tried to imagine what eternity would be like.

8: break a leg

Meaning: to wish good luck

  • You are doing social work for our country and also working for NGO. I wish you from core of my heart break a leg.
  • As you are going to appear an exam so break a leg from my side.
  • A lot of break a leg for your new project.
  • Life needs to beak a leg to be successful.

9: crack a book

Meaning: to open book to study

  • After a long time I crack a book for exam otherwise i will not perform good in it.
  • I promise that from today onwards I will study by crack a book.
  • Due to exam pressure I have to crack a book after a long time.

10: cap it all

Meaning: to finish

  •  I have to cap it all my work within 1 hour.
  •  Never give up until cap it all your study otherwise your teacher will shout at you.
  • Always try cap it all your program in time otherwise you will pay for that.

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common english idioms and phrases-part-4

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