common english idioms and phrases-part-4
Common English Idioms and Phrases Part-4
July 4, 2018
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August 3, 2018
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Common English Idioms and Phrases Part-5

Common English Idioms and Phrases Part-5

Common English Idioms and Phrases Part-5

We would like to discuss some common idioms and phrases in this blog Common English Idioms and Phrases Part-5

1: Consider

Meaning: deem to be

  • Your head of the department should consider the problems of employees because employees give the blood and swat for the organization.
  • We will continue our strike until prime minister considers the problem regards the raising price of petrol.
  • The principal may have taken appropriate decisions after considering the fact.

2: Concern

Meaning: something that interests you because it is important

  • Guys, you should concern about your study because it is very essential for your future otherwise your life will be completely spoiled.
  • Parents should understand the need and concern of their child and give them actual what they need according to their requirement hence you can guide your child better.
  • As I am an elder person of my family I must  concern and give more priorities to my family

3: Commit

Meaning: perform an act, usually with a negative connotation

  • Rohit secured very less marks in exam due to this reason he committed  suicide but at that timehe rescued.
  • In an unprecedented front page article in 2017 the times reported that mr.Nitin , a young reporter on its staff, had committed journalistic fraud.
  • Don’t commit any mistake intentionally because it creates a bad impression in the society.

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4: Establish

Meaning: To set up something especially in term of any house and name and fame.

  • Once I determine that I have to start set up my own business then I will start definitely.
  • The Taj Mahal was established in 1648 at Agra which was set up by Shahjahan in the loving memory of his departed wife MumtazMahal.
  • A small French colony, Port Louis, was established on east Falkland in 1764 and handed to the Spanish three years later.

5: Conduct

Meaning: manage or control

  • Who will conduct the GD session please initiate?
  • All the boarders are here by requested to follow the code of conduct and behave properly inside the college campus and hostel premises.
  • Scientists have been conducting many experiments for their upcoming discoveries. Which later act as their respective contributions to the world of science and technology.

6: Obtain

Meaning: come into possession of

  • He delayed making the unclassified report public while awaiting an army review, but rolling stone magazine obtained the report and posted it Friday night.
  • If you want to obtain the cream of success you have to do hard as well as smart labor.
  • Always remember if you want to obtain something you have to sacrifice something.

7: Circumstances

Meaning: one’s overall condition in life

  • The circumstances leading up to the shooting was not immediately available.
  • Please have patience and go for what you will do instead of thinking about the circumstances.
  • Presently students enjoy their lives rather being concerned about the circumstances of their fun.

8: Constitute

Meaning: to compose or represent

  • This amount constitutes less than 10%of the overall research fund expenditure because of special occasion.
  • This constitutes a serious breach of ethics and must be brought quickly to the attention of an administrator due to over load of work presser.
  • Gradually his small group became a community and was formally constituted.


Meaning: give an interpretation of

  • The apparatus used at the other end of the line to render the effects of this action presentable to the eye or ear, is called the receiving apparatus or instrument.
  • But authorities had rendered the weapon and the explosive device inoperable, officially  said.


Meaning: be attractive to

  • Whenever Mr.Ravi gives presentation, he creates an appeal for himself amongst the crowd.
  • Mr.Rakesh has an unmatched appeal in his language as he is at the top of his career being a public speaker.
  • To get traditional women’s accessories to appeal to men, some designers are giving them manly names and styles.

We discussed this common Idioms and Phrases this blog  Common English Idioms and Phrases Part-5

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