Online Spoken English Class: LESSON – 3
Online Spoken English Class: LESSON – 3
August 10, 2018
common english phrases and sentences break
Common English Phrases and Sentences”Break”
September 6, 2018
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Common English Phrases and Sentences

Common English Phrases and Sentences

common english phrases and sentences

Here we would like to discuss  some common english phrases and sentences.

common english phrases and sentences
1: Call up:-

A: one day I called up to my dear friend Rajesh.

B: I am free now; you can call up me at any time.

C: Today i called up my uncle after a long time.

D: what a pleasant surprise! You are here but you have not called up at once.

E: I don’t know you why are you calling up again and again.

2: Pick up:-

A: please pick up my call .it is urgent.

B: Don’t pick up my call without my permission.

C: I reached at railway station now. Please come quickly and pick up me.

D: why do not you pick up your friend’s call? Is there any problem?

E: He irritates me always, that’s why I never pick up his call.

3: Put through:-

A: At least we successfully put through the business deal.

B: Youngsters will be put through their paces by qualified instructor.

C: He asked to be put through to Mr Ashok.

D: The soldiers were put through eight weeks of basic training.

E: your call has been put through.

4: Hold on:-

A: hold on for sometimes. Let me check your accounts.

B: Hold on, it gets better than you know.

C: All I can do is tell her to hold on, that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

D: The country is heading towards elections which may break the party’s long hold on power.

E: Hold on your bag right now. You may forget it.

common english phrases and sentences

5: Call back

A: Don’t worry; I will call back you as per convenient time.

B: I am busy now. You can call me back after sometimes.

C: I never call back to those people who show attitude in front me.

D: I am sorry; he is tied up at the moment. Could you call back later?

E: is it the right time to talk with you or I will call you back later.

6: Switched off:-

A: Please ensure all lights are switched off.

B: Due to lack of charge my phone became switched off.

C: The machine had been switched off in error.

D: Remember one thing, don’t use mobile while lightning. Keep your phone switched off.

common english phrases and sentences


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