Vocabulary Development Examples with Meaning: Stimulate
Vocabulary Development Examples with Meaning: Stimulate
October 25, 2018
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Communication Skills Workshop

3 Days Communication Skill Workshop: ( 5 Years English Speaking Practice Session: Weekly One Day)

3 days Classroom training for 30 Hours and then 1 hour per day for 30 days. Then 5 years English Speaking Practice: Weekly one day.

Call in the given number. The course fee is just Rs 3000/-

Registration Fee: Rs 500/-

You can pay by Phone Pe/Google Pay / Account Transfer
Call@ 7077390868/9853733792/ 6370891148
-Overcome your NervousnessCommunication Skills Workshop
-Develop Your Personality
-Become a good Story Teller
-Develop Your Telephonic Manners
-Become a good Presenter
-Master your English Basics
-Master English Vocabulary
-Speak with Neutral accent

-Learn the technique to crack Group Discussion & Personal Interview
-Remove Barriers of Communication

-Writing Skills: E-Mail/ Proposal Letter/ Invitation Letter /Drafting
-10 Hours Per Day for 3 Days
-Batch as per your level
-Friendly Atmosphere
-Fooding & Accommodation by us
(Book to get 50% Discount on Course Fee )
Call @ 7008764298 for details
April: 19th, 20th & 21st
Per Day 10 Hours….This is a three day & two nights trip.

Communication Skill Workshop:

Course fee: Rs 6,000/-
(Book and get 50% off)
Course fee after booking=Rs 3,000/-
Registration fee: Rs 500/-
Accommodation: As per your convenience (AC/Non-AC)
AC Rooms: Rs1200/- (for two nights)
Non-AC. Rooms:Rs.700/- (for two nights)
Brunch/Lunch/High-Tea/Supper : will be given by us during the training process.

English Mania,
Above Om Pharmacy,
Near Utkal Sales,
Acharya Vihar,

Why should someone join English Mania?
English Mania is a professional and the choice of your institute for sharpening your communication skills in English as well as to complete with today’s corporate world to deal with the people understanding the requirement of any particular organization in torn of group discussion skills, Inter personal skills, stress management.
We impart training through providing a friendly and a practical based training where students get more fertilizes to open themselves and participate in the training. We also provide practical usage of grammar through different types of actives. We also provide outdoor training and stage show program in order to get rid of stage phobia and shyness while speaking in front of people.
It is also a very good platform for those who are very poor in English and don’t even know how to frame a sentence properly because we are providing special attention in order to make them able to cultivate ideas for speaking and writing.


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