Do you think women’s are safe in India

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The Google Effect is Good or Bad
June 10, 2019
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June 11, 2019
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Do you think women’s are safe in India


A woman gives birth to the society but people do not think before they kill that woman. The safety of women is a big concern in India. Women are given the place of goddess Lakshmi in the Indian culture. But there is a negative aspect of women position and safety. So “Do you think women’s are safe in India”?

Today we see news everyday about crime for women’s; sometimes there are problems with safety of women.

Past Case

In the year 16 Dec 2016 there was a serious rape case in Delhi with jyoti kumari known as Nirbhaya, Here the whole country supported to fight for the rights of women. But the sad things are there is no serious punishment to the people who have committed the crime.

This is not only one case; there are many more cases in our country happening every day. So the girl/ women in our country do not feel safe anywhere.

Not only grown-up girls are facing this problem, children are also not safe. People are not able to send their children outsides anywhere alone. Mainly we see these things are done by our neighbors’ and some relatives. The reality show Crime petrol and Savdhan India have most episodes on crime with women & girl.

So I think we have to take care of our safety and be alert. Parents should be friend with their children to help them understand the society problem and support them in any such case.

We also need a strong action by police to stop this crime and give serious punishment to the people who do this. We have to make change in India by making girls safe and free.

We want to be safe, not to be RAPED.

Dowry system is another big problem in our country. Family members kill the girl for dowry and girl’s parents always suffer. Today’s girls are also educated and earning money. So we should remove the system from society.

Google is Good or Bad


Today in village people kill girl before born and also after that. They think girl are problem because of dowry system. So we need to teach people the value of girls and ask them not to kill the little girls, who can grow up and be like Kiran Bedi, India Gandhi, Kalpana chawala, Dr Pratibha Patil. I think only education can help to solve this.

Women safety is must because women’s are the most important part of life. They become mothers, sisters, friend, wife, teachers and many more and they do all the things for their families. The men are like hunters for molesting the women at various places like streets, public spaces, public transport etc.

If I get chance I want to change the system and help women to get their rights. Our societies have taken strict steps against the molesters but then also they don’t get it .Respect Girls.

Don’t try to change yourself girls for the cheap mind they have try changing their mind because we don’t want the future generations to face this pain. It’s the time to think about Do you think women’s are safe in India.

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