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January 9, 2015
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d topic do you support pk or boycott pk

GD topic: do you support  pk or boycott PK ?

The discussed movie PK has performed well on box office in last three days. However, the movie has also attracted controversies as it happens when anyone in India touches a sensitive topic like religion. Just like all the other participants, the social media world is also divided into two parts. Few people support PK whereas few others oppose PK. So, which category do you belong to? Would you Support PK Or Boycott PK? We are going to discuss. 

Support PK

  •  The movie is not against religion, God or its existence. The movie just wants people to know that God exists and therefore, God men shouldn’t. 
  • The movie talks about the most important principle of love and that is sacrifice and happiness of other person. It teaches that letting go your love is the toughest thing but then it is the form of true love.
  • The so-called managers of God use the fear of people to sell their marketing gimmicks and make money. The people blindly follow these people.
  • The message is clear, it is essential to have faith in God who created us, not in the God created by people to fulfill their personal motives.
  • The movie highlights the hypocrisy of people where everyone claims the fallen money but everyone avoids to claim the condoms fallen out of their pockets. 
  • The movie focuses on prejudices where the liking for a person suddenly convert into hatred as soon as he comes to know about the caste or nationality of other person. 
  • The movie is made from an alien’s point of view and therefore, it was justified to question the beliefs and values of religion. 
  • The movie has a scientific aspect which states that aliens exist and even they like to challenge every concept and question everything. 
  • The movie doesn’t mock religion but only tries to remove cover from hidden religious conservatism. 

    Boycott PK

  • There are many scenes in the movie that clearly mock the Hindu traditions and ceremonies hurting the sentiments of people.

  • Secularism doesn’t give right to abuse majority. The right thing is to abuse unjustified dogmas irrespective of religion.

  • The movie states that the person who is coward or harbors fear goes to religious places. Well, the maker of movie has really not done his homework before stating the concept in movie. The half truth is nothing but a lie.

  • Director Rajkumar Hirani has always made fun of system. He mocked at education system in Munna Bhai MBBS and even did the same in 3 Idiots.

  • The movie has mixed the two terms religion and superstition. It failed to highlight the difference between faith in religion and blind faith in superstition.

  • The movie has just focused on one religion Hinduism. It has given rise to unwanted religious controversies across the nation.

  • The movie ‘Oh My God’ was well directed as it questioned the God Men of the religions and their unjustified activities. The movie didn’t question the religion.


    It is the high time people should figure out the flaws that they conceive and not enter into arguments based on indifferences in ideologies. There are many flaws and drawbacks in the system. The movie just wants to highlight them. However, there is no denying that movie mocked Hindu religion and their practices in some of the scenes which the director should take note of and apologize to the segment.

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