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November 22, 2014
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December 6, 2014
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Should Mr. Modi speak in English or Hindi during his foreign visits?

India and US, both are very optimistic and looking forward to Modi’s historic visit. An interesting issue is regarding the language Modi should use in his speech. PM Modi had spoken in Hindi during his recent offshore visits and he is promoting the use of Hindi as our official language. But there are many who want Modi to speak in English. 


-Indian Diaspora in USA is more comfortable in English as they have been using English as a language of communication. So, Modi can connect with them in a better way using English.

-English is a global language and Modi wants to connect to global media during this visit, so he should use a global language.

-Also, southern states of India especially Tamil Nadu hardly speak Hindi and have substantial chunk in Indian Diaspora in USA. So they might feel neglected if Modi speaks in Hindi.

-Most importantly language is a medium of communication. Therefore, what’s the point in speaking if the audience doesn’t feel connected to the speaker?


-If the Leaders of China, Japan etc. can speak in their own languages and still get praised and followed by global media, then why can’t Modi use Hindi?

-English is not our own language whereas Hindi is. So, Modi should speak in Hindi.

-Language gives a separate identity to a country and its use at global level reflects country’s stature. Only Hindi can give India this separate identity.

-Also, as a leader Modi should use that language in which he is more comfortable i.e. Hindi. What is more important is to convey effectively what one wants to. 

-Modi has taken the help of translators while interacting with foreign audiences overcoming the language barrier. He can do it with all his foreign visit. 


These arguments suggest that language has not remained an issue in such foreign visits. Also, as Hindi is our own language, so Indians will feel more connected to Modi. Ultimately the aim of visit is to strengthen bilateral ties, for that India’s needs to present its point of view effectively. Modi’s is the person entitled for it, so what matters is Modi’s ideasand point of view not his language.

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