Common English Idioms and Phrases Part-5
Common English Idioms and Phrases Part-5
July 5, 2018
Online Spoken English Class : Lesson-2
Online Spoken English Class : Lesson-2
August 7, 2018
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online spoken english classes

online spoken english classes

Online spoken English classes

Subject + Verb + Object : online spoken english classes

I want a chocolate.              I want an ice cream.
I want a car.                          I want a bike.
I want a school.                    I want money.
I want a fan.                          I want a cooler.
I want a mobile.                   I want a TV.
I want a house.                     I want a watch.
I want a pen.                         I want a notebook.
I want an eraser.                  I want a chair.
I want a table.                       I want a Bat.
I want an Ac.                         I want a Book.
I want a flower.                     I want a cake

Subject +do not + Verb + Object

I don’t want biscuit.            I don’t want an apple.
I don’t want an orange.      I don’t want a fan.
I don’t want a cooler.          I don’t want a prize.
I don’t want a friend.          I don’t want a table.
I don’t want a Chair.           I don’t want a Watch.
I don’t want an Ac.              I don’t want an Apple mobile.
I don’t want a Car.               I don’t want a Bike.
I don’t want a rice.              I don’t want a cold drinks.
I don’t want a book.             I don’t want a house.
I don’t want a cycle.             I don’t want a shirt.
I don’t want a paint.            I don’t want a mobile.
I don’t want a laptop.          I don’t want a computer.
I don’t want a house.          I don’t want an electric ball.
I don’t want a fridge.          I don’t want a micro wave.
I don’t want a Sofa.            I don’t want a cricket ball.
I don’t want money.             I don’t want a pen.

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online spoken english classes

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online spoken english classes

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