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Big 5 personality traits of personality development
June 7, 2019
Do you think women’s are safe in India
Do you think women’s are safe in India
June 10, 2019
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The Google effect is good or bad


Google was found in 1998 by Larry page and Sergey Brin while they were PhD student at Stanford University in California they incorporated Google as a privately held company on September 4 1998. After that Sundar Pichai was appointment CEO of Google, became the most visited website in the world. Several other Google services also figures in the top 100 most visited website including YouTube & Blogger. In 2017 Google became the valuable brand in the world. Now a days Google is playing a vital role in each and every people’s life. The Google effect is good or bad let’s discuss.

The Google Effect is Good or Bad: Google Effect is Good

  1. Google is much more essential to search each and everything whatever you want and it gives us the optimum result as for our requirements.
  2. It has made our life easier and instantly you can get the result.
  3. Google is completely safe and secure for the users where no data can be leaked because it is quit protected by strong protective applications.
  4. It has also built and incredible infrastructure that promotes innovations.
  5. Now a day’s Google is changing its technology very rapidly to maintain competitiveness in the market. For that reason Google became the top most leading application in the world.
  6. Day by day Google is upgrading its websites. It is also providing many application likes Google Docs, Google Drives, Google sheets and Slides.
  7. The application named GMAIL helps to share these updated documents to others.

The Google effect is good or bad: The Google Effect is Bad

  1. Due to google people are not using their brain power. Especially students are searching everything even small things.
  2. Google searching gives multiple results increasing the confusion.
  3. Google searched information are not verified. Wrong things are also comes in search results.
  4. Google tracks our history and use it for marketing or selling different products. That means it plays with our privacy. It sells our personal search interest to companies.
  5. Google wants to create monopoly in search engine market. Small or local companies are not able to do business due to google.
  6. Google policies are not customer friendly.
  7. Children are getting distracted by deadly applications and games, therefore do suicide also.
  8. Big countries like in china, Google has lots of restriction, which is not present in India.
    Big 5 Personality traits of Personality Development


The world is a slave of Google. Everybody is following behind it. Government should take necessary action to control it. We discussed above The Google effect is Good or Bad.

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