common english phrases and sentences call"
Common English phrases and sentences “Call”
September 10, 2018
English phrases with meaning and sentences for daily use
English phrases with meaning and sentences for daily use
September 19, 2018
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vocabulary development in speaking and writing

vocabulary development in speaking and writing

Vocabulary development in speaking and writing

Here we will understand Vocabulary Development in Speaking and writing English.

Come across:

(If you come across something or someone, you find them or meet them by chance)

I came across a group of children playing.

We like to identify and celebrate women’s success whenever we come across it.

On my way to school, I came across an old friend of mine.

We’ve just come across an old friend we haven’t seen for ages.

This is the worst place I’ve come across.

Come Down:

(If the cost, level, or amount of something comes down, it becomes less than it was before)

Interest rates should come down.

What goes up must come down.

Gold has come down recently.

I watched the climbers come down into the valley.

Come by:

(To come by something means to obtain it or find it)

How did you come by that cheque?

How did you come by that scratch on your cheek?

(To find or obtain a thing, esp accidentally)

Do you ever come by any old books?

How did you come by these books?

Come off: (Take place)

The prize distribution comes off next week.

Come off: (Get detached)

The bottom of my coat has come off.

Come off: (If something comes off, it is successful or effective)

It was a good try but it didn’t quite come off.

Come off:

(If someone comes off worst in a contest or conflict, they are in the worst position after it. If they come off best, they are in the best position)

Some Democrats still have bitter memories of how, against all odds, they came off worst during the inquiry.

As far as pensions go, it’s still women who come off worst.

Come on: 

(You say ‘Come on’ to someone to encourage them to do something they do not much want to do)

Come on Pratik, let’s dance.

Come on, Junior, time for bed.

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