Why Google is bad for you and your family?

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Why Google is bad for you and your family?

Why Google is bad for you and your family?

Why Google is bad for you and your family?


Why Google is bad for you and your family?

As we can notice and witness that Google is pretty much everywhere. It is in our smart phone, car and may be in our watch but still nothing like searching Google like a desktop computer. To this day, about present of the world surfs use Google as their primary search engine. If you still haven’t asked anyone but Google to answer your search question. It is time to setting about your approach towards web browsing.
In this topic of discussion is concerned i.e. “Why” Google is bad for you?” we have five different reasons have to start using search engines other than Google for your queries. Let’s discuss them in an appropriate manner:-

1. Stop Google from tracking you

Google would say it is tracking of your every move makes services like Google now latter and makes the advertisements you see more relevant. If you are looking to evade Google’s sophisticated tracking technology, you can search Google in a private browser tab, learn off search tracking, or switch to something like puckpuckgo , which prides itself on fact that it does not collect present information from its users.

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2. Run more technical Queries

As clever as Google’s search engine is, it doesn’t quite have the breadth of the mighty welfare Alpha, which can give you everything from durable session for words to the current position of the international space station Google can do a bit of melt itself of courses but wolfram Alpha cover factions, probabilities and other advanced calculations in much more depth. It can even tell you most popular words of literature.

3. Search the Deep web

If you are clicking links on the deep web, then privacy and security should be of the utmost important to you. To ensure that companies like Google are not tracking your where about, you can use a plethora of letter search engines including the site you mentioned duck duck go or games. Most of the deep web is beyond the search of Google and indeed your regular web browser, which is why you need some specialist touch for the job. Our previous guide to the deep web should be enough to get you started.

4. Get Better Video Result

It’s a pretty common knowledge that Bing beat Google for video, at least in interface if not in the quality of its result. Matching videos are laid out thumbnail style and you can have over them to see instant previews. You get filters that are now early accessible to YouTube video length. Date resolution and source can all be specified from the drop-down menus at the top of the page.

5. Make more money

Speaking of Bing, if you’re in the us, you can make use of Microsoft rewards (formerly known as Bing rewards), which give you voucher credits for searching the web, trying out new features and following up on selected special offers, the credit you earn can be encased in at retailers (Amazon, Game stop and so on) as well as through online services and apps (Xbox, Skype, Hulk and more). Not bad for running a few online searches every day.

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