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June 25, 2018
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Common English Idioms and Phrases Part-1
June 26, 2018
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Wind Power Vs. Solar Energy: What's Better in 2020

Wind Power Vs. Solar Energy: What's Better in 2020

Wind Power Vs. Solar Energy: What’s Better in 2020?

Wind Power Vs. Solar Energy: What’s Better in 2020

The present scenario of thy rising prices of the contemporary fuels and energy resources has created a high level of threat on the availability of reasonable and economic energy for our households and industries. And as per its consequences, two renewable and affordable energy sources have come into picture i.e. Wind Energy and Solar Energy. So, the topic for today’s discussion is “Wind Power Vs. Solar Energy: What’s Better in 2020?”

Wind is more efficient, but solar energy is more practical. Wind turbines take up less space to be installed, but solar panels can be installed in both rural and urban areas. So, here the question is which power resource is better? Wind and Solar, both resources of power are being competing neck to neck for the contest of being the best renewable resource of energy. Both of them create opportunities for job, they both join hands in cutting down the pollution from the atmosphere, both of them are capable to provide power to the densest populations as well as the most rural and remote areas of the world. Thus, we are witnessing the top two producers of green energy who can break our dependence on fossil fuels. But here the question arises that can those resources stand up as the pioneers of a new era of renewable energy by competing neck to neck with the contemporary energy resources; and can they prove to be productive on a long run if opted for investment purposes? But before landing on any conclusion, let’s discuss and understand; what are these energy resources and how are they different from each other?

Wind Power Vs. Solar Energy: What's Better in 2020

Wind Power Vs. Solar Energy: What’s Better in 2020

Firstly, lets understand what is Wind Energy or Wind Power and how is it useful for our planet’s interest and health:-

Wind is technically a form of Solar Energy. When the sun’s radiation heats Earth’s uneven surface, the hot air rises and the cool air settles. This difference in atmospheric pressure creates wind, a kinetic (motion based) form of energy. Wind turbines capture that kinetic energy. When wind blows over turbine blades, it’s generator converts the energy of the rotating blade into mechanical power – which can then be converted into power to pump water, grind grains, or provide electricity to domestic households, business institutions and schools.

Secondly, it’s the turn of the other renewable resource of energy which is generated by the closest star to planet earth i.e. ‘Sun’. This is known as the “Solar Energy”. The solar energy is the sun’s radiation that reaches the Earth’s crust in the form of Rays. When sunlight hits the Photovoltaic (PV) cells inside the solar panels, those cells transform the sun’s radiation into electricity. And this energy is further used to run machines, appliances, rechargeable devices, induction stoves, electric led bulbs and tubes, etc.

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According the previous description, both the energy resources are highly productive and reliable, but in spite of these they have some differences in pros and cons which can be discussed in the following piece literature. Let’s discuss about the pros and cons of Wind and Solar Power:-

Firstly, let’s discuss the pros and cons of Solar Energy:-


  1. It provides more predictable energy output than wind.
  2. The Solar Farms can generate power on a massive scale.
  3. The Solar Panels can be installed on buildings in Urban, Rural and Sub-urban areas.
  4. The Solar Panels require less space when installed than wind turbines.
  5. The Solar Panels are less conspicuous than wind turbines.
  6. Unlike the Wind Turbines, Solar Panels don’t make any noise.


  1. It cannot be produced at night or in cloudy regions.
  2. The solar panels cannot be installed on any roof because every roof doesn’t have the right dimension and orientation, as angle to collect the sun’s energy.
  3. Despite of falling solar panel princes, the upfront costs can be expensive.
  4. The solar panels generate significantly less amount of electricity as compared to that generated out of wind turbines.

Secondly, let’s discuss about the pros and cons of Wind Energy for the topic “Wind Power Vs. Solar Energy: What’s Better in 2020?”


  1. The wind energy can be harnessed day or night.
  2. The wind farms can generate power on a massive scale.
  3. The wind turbines can be built offshore.
  4. The wind turbines produce more electricity than the solar panels.
  5. The wind turbines are less polluting than the solar panels.


  1. The wind is an unpredictable energy source.
  2. The wind turbines are subject to heavy damage or loss if it witnesses lightening and strong wind.
  3. The wind turbines can harm or kill flying wildlife, like birds and bats.
  4. The wind turbines are not practically appropriate for densely populated areas.
  5. The wind turbines can be noisy in nature.

If we compare both the energy sources, wind is more efficient source of power than solar, because the wind turbines release less Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere, consumes less energy and produces more energy overall as compared to that in the case of solar panels. In fact, one wind turbine can generate the same amount of electricity per kw/h as about 48,704 solar panels. But, the enormous power or the generating capacity of wind turbines doesn’t make Wind Energy a clear winner. Wind turbines are like sores of eyes. They take up a lot of space. They can hurt wildlife. They aren’t suitable for densely populated areas, which mean they are mostly located in the rural regions – far away from cities that are most in need of their power. For sub-urban or urban regions, solar panels are more practical options. Solar panels can be installed on the rooftops of buildings, schools and business institutions. They can be bought or leased at an affordable rate. They might even be used to generate power for future high-speed transit systems.


Despite of so many advantage of green energy, there is still the question of its economic sustainability and acceptability. Wind Power Vs. Solar Energy: What’s Better in 2020?Both only account for a small percentage of the World Energy Generation Capacity. Out of all these findings and research we land on a conclusion that no energy source is without its drawbacks. But, if wind and solar can keep up their explosive and outstanding growth rates, they might both stand up tall to the World’s fossil fuel giants in case of the supply of a grand source of substitute energy.  Wind Power Vs. Solar Energy: What’s Better in 2020

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