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December 6, 2014
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January 1, 2015
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Women Empowerment – A Cause for Increasing Divorce

According to me, there is no relation between women’s empowerment and divorce cases as,

WOMAN EMPOWERMENT means providing women equal rights in the society as of men, providing woman to move hand to hand with man, it means that the women of the nation be given equal respect and equal rights when it comes to their financial development, Job Security etc.


DIVORCE take place due to the lack of mutual understanding between husband and wife. The man always has domineering nature and the main problem is with egoism, when a woman start earning equal or sometimes more than a husband and start taking some decisions by her own, it hurts man egoism an he feel jealous of it. And at the same time woman think after doing all the household works and contributing financially, why she should be humiliated on the contrary she must get respect for that. But when man unable to feel her feelings it results into the lacking of fruit fullness in their relations and they decide for DIVORCE, bloody divorce”

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