Women Empowerment In India: The 21st Century A Challenge

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Top English Phrases and Idioms with Meaning and Examples
June 25, 2018
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Wind Power Vs. Solar Energy: What’s Better in 2020
June 25, 2018
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Women Empowerment In India: The 21st Century A Challenge

Women Empowerment In India: The 21st Century A Challenge

Women Empowerment In India: The 21st Century A Challenge

Man & woman both are just two side of a coin. Two wheels of a cart live society. Any society can’t run in a proper way if there is no equality in between men & women. Here the question is of women empowerment. This issue has been rising since a very long time. But why we only talk about women empowerment but not men empowerment.
It  due to our male dominated society. Our society is highly dominated by the men. If we go back to ancient India, at that time both men & maintained their life happily. Let’s discuss the topic. ” Women Empowerment In India: The 21st Century A Challenge”.

In Vedic period women worshipped as goddesses.

If we come to the medieval period, then the women’s life was worsened by various kinds of unnecessary & unwanted rituals & traditions introduced by the kings and religious leaders of those times. For example Sati System, child marriage, Nagar Badhu, Devadashi System, burning women doubted as wiz word etc. When Mughals invaded India, them parda pratha entered in india. Women were highly objectifying those days. After that britishers come & they treated india as there slave. Women were highly being erydoited by the Britishers. Women were sexually harassed & absued by the britishers. The term empowerment means nothing but recognize women’s basic human rights & creating an empowerment. Where they are treated as equals to man from anerent to modern pervod. Women’s condition socially, political & economically has remained some & it kept chanching with time .

Though the situation changed a lot as per the development of civilization. Still women aren’t completely emancipated politically, soually & economically even it. There are countless example of women empowerment in india. But still lot to be done.
Lot of women are highly suppressed & neglected by our society women are raped, sexually abused exploited by the male members of our society . Even there is stiget low against dory system but still it covers our society as an evil many women are killed & burnt alive due to down system. Women Empowerment In India: The 21st Century A Challenge

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In this 21st era also, women are learnt from their family how to sit properly as a women don’t talk loudly. Don’t laugh aloud, how to wear what kind of dress. If a women has to go market she has take her younger brother with him as a protection even it her brother is enough younger to understand the meaning of word protection.
A can’t do anything as per her wish she has to follow lot of norms & condition. Though in some of the cites of india women are highly empowerd but in must of the cites women are highly neglected & exploited.

There are so many lows & articles introduced in our country but those are only on pen & paper, unable to implement effectively. 33.3% quota for women in political field is a molds tone for Indian women & their empowerment. But still there reglegence in participation of women in politics.

Women are treated as entertainment object or baby producing machine. If a lady  unable to give birth a child them she has to bear so munch pain from the entire society. As if she has no value as a woman. As men are physically strong so they always want to show their muscle power.In this 21stera also lot of young girls are brutally raped & murdered. Female infanticide is rampardly going on. Everybody wants to get a well educated daughter-in-low but no one want to give birth and nature a daughter. People thank that girls are just burden but if we nature are girls then they can be mother tongue Indira Gandhi & Laxmibai etc.
Now-a-day they are doing some any things in our society for example marushi chiller by winning the miss word pagent 2018 brought a lot of glory to India. They can do lot of things what even boys can’t do boxer many from actress Priyanka chopra, HDFC CEO chandakochar are the bright example of women empowerment. People should be aware of all those things & give goal opportunity to girls to grow & go ahead.

We discussed with many examples justifying the topic “Women Empowerment In India: The 21st Century A Challenge. ”

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