July 30, 2017

Teachers Construct, Netas Destruct Group Discussion

Teachers Construct, Netas Destruct Group Discussion “A teacher is never an ordinary person. Construction and destruction can be produced in his lap.” Teaching is an important activity. It is the base of […]
July 30, 2017

Interview Tips

Interview Tips These interview tips will help even the most inexperienced interviewees to shine: Common questions. Consider the most likely questions that you are going to be asked before you even get […]
July 27, 2017

Is Karnataka’s demand for a separate state flag justified?

The Karnataka government recently set up a panel to explore if the state can have a separate flag of its own. The state has an additional, unofficial Kannada Flag since the 1960s. […]
July 15, 2017

Speed test or Knowledge test, which is better?

6 people are having a discussion on the topic (Mohit, sanjay, preeti, Sachin, Bhumi, Payal) Group Discussion Starts Sanjay: Hello, everyone. So today our topic of discussion is “Speed test or knowledge test” […]