What is the difference between Hard Work and Smart Work
What is the difference between Hard Work and Smart Work
July 3, 2019
English mania is good or bad
English mania is good or bad
December 24, 2019


When the act of management is concern the first thing comes the mind an women. She may be a mother, sister or wife. They take maximum responsibility of family as well as outsides works. They give always 100% effort in each and every sector. Now a days the women get empower themselves to manage an organization as well as family together from earlier parents are not allowing their child to go for study and go for any job but women are born to take responsibilities and perform them flawlessly. They can easily manage everything without a crease on their forehead. Women are proved themselves that they are better manager than man.

Are women better managers than man: Yes

  1. Women are multi talented because they have the quality of managing their children simultaneously able to concentrate on their career.
  2. Women have good managerial skills because they manage their family so she can be a good manager and a good organizer. They know also how to manage or maintain good relationship among people which is quiet essential in business as people skills.
  3. Except this women are capable not only for household works but also in extracurricular activity like sports, cooking, teaching, singing in politics.
  4. In present era not a single country has full gender equality income difference. In some countries, men earn almost double the merely women do for the same job! How single women will support their family. They need to work harder.
  5. Another inherent quality makes them good managers as they are more patients in the difficult situations with their counter partners.
  6. As we all know that the women are best creature of god.

Are women better managers than man: No

  1. Women have emotion and soft heart. Managing things, this is a weakness. They are not practical about any situation.
  2. They can be a good manger at home but to maintain an organization is quiet hard for them. A man can manage better than women.
  3. They might have export in terms of courage, patience, mutual understanding etc. but these are not the only key qualities required to manage a vast workforce or other difficult situations.
  4. Women are more fashionable than man they waste their most of the times by doing shopping and dressing themselves. Expect this they have do some household works. Among these workloads they quiet think some innovative things, so how can they be a good manager or multi-tasked.
  5. A woman needs family support to manage things.

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If we treat everyone equally without any gender discrimination. Flexible or fixed whats preferred timing for work.Women can show their talent in every field. Women are multi-talented but they should improve themselves in their draw backs field then they can be a good manage.

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