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December 12, 2017
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Chocolate Or Biscuits, Which is good
January 2, 2018


There is a big question in front of everyone Cricket should be the national game of India or not. Lots of people are proposing idea to make Cricket as national game. Hockey is our national game.

We will discuss the topic “Cricket should be the National Game of India – English Mania “

Cricket should be the National Game of India: English Mania


  • Cricket is very famous in India. Everybody is mad at it. Change is the law of nature. Change is the requirement of the time. To progress we need to change.
  • People feel considerably more associated with the cricket and think that it’s more engaging than hockey.
  • As compared to other games India is famous in the world for cricket.
  • If you search for general rage of Indian natives for any game then it is for cricket as it were. Cricketers are dealt with like God in Indian. Many people admire to be like them.
  • Cricketers are rich and well known, and get high payments for the matches.
  • Big companies are investing a lot of money in cricket.


  • In the event that cricket is made as national game of India then it will directly discourage the interest towards other game.
  • It will significantly hurt the feelings of the hockey players. It will give a wrong message to other games as well.
  • Future can never be known by anybody. Today cricket is celebrated yet in the event that tomorrow some other game will be well known of course people can request to change the national amusement.
  • It is the media, government and individuals who are capable to make other games popular. It isn’t that hockey and football have no fans, they do have, however there is no appropriate source to encourage it.
  • Cricket is the national round of England. So in one way would we say we are making ourselves the total slaves of British culture?


If national game of India is going to be cricket then there will be no additional benefit that cricket will get. Also, it will not have any influence on the cricket fans. But making cricket as a national game will attract a lot of criticism from many other areas and from different countries also. Therefore, it will make no sense in declaring Cricket as national game of India.

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