Are women better managers than man
Are women better managers than man
July 23, 2019
Success is a process of visualization
Success is a process of visualization
January 2, 2020
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English mania is good or bad

English mania is good or bad


English Mania is a leading English Speaking institute in Bhubaneswar. The training pattern is very student friendly. The training is mostly personalized. As Odia students have fear to talk in English, so English Mania gives them a proper platform so that they can start speaking in a smaller group. Once they got their confidence, then they face a crowd up to fifteen to twenty students. English mania is good or bad.

Training pattern

It’s a very important topic to discuss. The training pattern is segregated in two types i.e. outdoor & indoor training. The indoor training involves classroom training. The outdoor training involves activity session every week in IG Park & trip to various places like Esplanade mall, State Museum, Regional Museum, different fairs etc.

The candidates get training in their classroom. After that regular telephonic conversation conducted to practice English speaking. Every weekend the trainers personally call the trainees and discuss weekly learning. Weekly once Accent training & Personality development training conducted to develop overall personality of an individual. Regular Group Discussion & personal interview classes conducted.

Recently Book reading activity has started. A book is given to each trainee in the class and everyday chapter wise discussion happen, so that the candidate can develop his reading habit along with focus on English Speaking.

It’s up to the students to analyze the training process and tell “English Mania is good or bad”. The aim of English Mania institute is to focus on candidate’s problem and take required step to solve.

English Mania coaching center also gives Kids’ training & online training. It conducts special workshops or short term courses for the corporate professionals. English Mania has two YouTube channels having more than two lakhs subscribers.


English Mania is good or bad is the most searched keyword in YouTube & Google. if you want to join just call: 6370891148 & discuss in details. Once you have spoken to the executive you can know everything. You can visit the institute directly and speak to the trainers. The trainers will understand your problem and accordingly they will design a module. As per the module the trainer is going to start the training session. You can choose your timing as per your convenience.


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