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Basic English Grammar: Personal Pronoun & It’s Usage
June 26, 2018
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What is the difference between reflexive pronoun and emphatic pronoun
June 27, 2018
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Is Globalization Necessary In India

Is Globalization Necessary In India

Is Globalization Necessary In India


Today the topic of discussion is – “Is Globalization Necessary in India?” But, before justifying its necessity in our country; let us understand what globalization is in an exact sense. According to International Monetary Fund, Globalization refers to the increasing integration of economies around the world, particularly through trade and financial flows. This term sometimes also refers to the movement of people (labor) and knowledge (technology) across international borders. In addition to it, there are also broader cultural, political and environmental dimensions of globalization.

The four basic features or aspects of globalization which has been figured out by this Fund are:-

  1. Trade and transactions.
  2. Capital and investment movements.
  3. Migration of people.
  4. Dissemination of knowledge.

But, here the topic of discussion “Is Globalization Necessary in India?” And this can be discussed and elaborated in the following piece of literature.


National economic development is powered by competition and competition is powered by Globalization. Globalization in its broader prospect, is a combination of integrity in technological, socio-cultural, political and economical components. It brings the entire world together on the same platform. Globalization has enabled a pathway through which global communication has become a child’s play now. Globalization plays a vital role in overall development of the economy as it promotes competitiveness. Despite of all these discussions, still the question is unanswered that “Is Globalization Necessary in India?” Let’s find the answer to it in the next elaboration.

In this globalized world; government, public sector and private sector, all have to work as partners to make the country economically competitive. Thus, the effect of globalization has changes every life aspect of the Indians through the advanced communication technology. The increasing numbers of the third world countries have provoked India to rise from its level and move up to the higher one which was a direct aftermath of Globalization. Globalization has increased the possibilities for the Indian Economy to grow and flourish so that it can provide much better lifestyle, better earnings, better jobs, etc. which will simultaneously provide a better GDP rate to nation itself. The move of globalization has boosted the job market in India and it has created many opportunities for the youth of this country. Globalization has also provided a positive vibration to the financial market in India. Let’s discuss some advantages and disadvantages of globalization according to the scenario of Indian economy and culture:-


  1. It will increase the trading between different nations free of cost:-

This certainly happens because globalization is opening ways for India to get exposed to the outer world and to be stopped called as third world country. Since the inception of globalization, India has witnessed many developments in every field such as foreign exchange, academics, technology and many more. This justifies that globalization has been a blessing for our country India in terms of development and prosperity. Thus, we can say that globalization is necessary for India.

  1. Advancement of New Technologies:-

Globalization is a great igniter of the spark of new technical advancements in many countries like India. But in case of India, this was an ultimate experience for its citizens. Many options of communication, travel, human resource management, training and development were introduced due to the penetration of technology into India. Communication flew with lovely colors along with the company of Google, G-mail, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It changed the definition of communication from the level of telephone, letter and telegram to the hi-tech level of smart phones, computers and internet. This was all possible due to the drive of Globalization.

  1. Global Expansion in the Business Operations:-

Globalization brought new opportunities in case of business startups and entrepreneurs in order to expand their business processes. Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs), incorporation of corporate companies and proprietorships, encouragement of management study programs, enhancements of work culture, etc. were all the aftermaths of Globalization. The hype of Globalization has given a boost to the business operations in India by blessing it with more options, more field of work and more walk-ins of professionals which led to the boom of it during the present times. This  justifies that globalization is necessary in India.

  1. Shattered the Global Barriers to Culture and Developed the feel of World Village:-

Globalization on India, has shattered the global barriers to the cultures of other countries of the globe and it also opened the door of our culture and heritage for the rest of the world to explore. This has helped others to know about others. Thus, we can say that knowing about any country’s culture today is as simple as clicking a button or touching an icon. So, we can say here that globalization’s presence is very necessary in India.


  1. Government Laws and Controls:-

Globalization has brought a transparent system of law and control the whole world. But, sometimes this transparency affects the decision of our government a lot. This transparency also gives right to other countries to interfere in of our Government. Then, here we can say that globalization should be absent in India as it is boosting others as per the Global liberty to breach into our secured lines around the confidential facts try to capture to satisfy their vested self interest.

  1. Greater chances of violent reactions in attempt to preserve cultural heritage:-

As we all know that, India is a country of culture and it’s the prestige of each citizen of this country. But, as we can see that globalization has brought in higher and better opportunities for cultural exchange. In many fields it has been appreciated because it provides gate way of knowledge to our citizens through which they can exchange their experiences and learning facts. But, when it comes to the adamant religious and cultural leaders; it might become out of control for everybody. Thus, here we can say that globalization needs to be absent from India because the root culture may create disturbances during the transaction of cultural facts and the learning processes of the same.

  1. Globalization may increase the chances of Civil War:-

India has been dreaming to become a developed country since last 60-70 years. It came across many threats from its neighbors as because they know that we the people of India prefer peace talks and cease fires rather than wars. If this continues much longer time, then we may experience a very nasty and bloody Civil War inside the nation. And this might destroy the country from its foundation roots. According to this scenario, we can opt to vanish globalization from India once and for all; or else it might bring a massive destruction to the whole nation.


While discussing this topic – “Is Globalization Necessary in India?” we came across many colors and opportunities of globalization along with its dark sides of doom. But, as our country has become completely addicted to it; it’s not possible on our part to completely terminate it. Rather we can work on its advantages and boost them. Simultaneously, we have to discourage the disadvantages by spreading proper awareness about it amongst the citizens. Finally, we landed on this opinion that globalization is necessary for India; but it has to be handled with extreme level of care and consciousness. Is Globalization Necessary In India

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