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GD Topic: Has Reliance jio changed the telecom sector of India?
November 27, 2017
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November 30, 2017
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Should mobile phones be allowed in schools & colleges?

Should mobile phones be allowed in schools & colleges?

Should mobile phones be allowed in schools & colleges?

Should mobile phones be allowed in schools & colleges?

Every day more students are using mobile phones in India this is a new concept which is growing rapidly. Should we allow students to Use the mobile phone in school and colleges is now a matter of debate. A controversy started after a committee of the Karnataka Legislature setup in 2014 has proposed a ban on mobile phones in schools and colleges as a step to curb incidents like rape and other crime against women. There are some peoples who are in favor of this concept and also there is some who strongly in oppose.

so let’s start the discussion and conclude it.


  • Mobile phones are a great tool for learning in school and colleges. There are numbers of benefits of mobiles in education.
  • This is significant for those areas where modern facilities are not present yet in school and colleges.
  • Mobile is nowadays a powerful computing device, there are numbers of applications are present in app stores which very helpful for distance learning, this app is providing updated information.
  • These devices are much better than conventional IT services used in school and Colleges.
  • Wrong use of mobile phones can be restricted, this way is much better than not allowing mobiles altogether.
  • Mobiles are very useful for record maintaining and tracking of the student.
  • Its good habit to make diary we can encourage the youngster to Diary making. It will also be fun and fascinating with mobile phones because one can not only add text but also images and voice clips.
  • Scholl can create their own application to give homework, projects, assignment and also for keeping attendance and many more.
  • Introducing mobile phone will boost the computer education in India, it will create an awareness about digital India.


  • The teachers in our schools and colleges are more familiar with using conventional methods of teaching. If students will come to the classroom with the mobile phone it will hard for a teacher to take control of them.
  • Mobile phones are creating a distraction from the study, most of the student using mobile phone extremely. Students should keep their self-control when using mobiles.
  • Mobiles are connecting students with social media but, sometimes students are getting aggressive and taking antisocial steps due to fake message spreading in social media.
  • Apart from a small lot, majority students will easily be distracted by the numerous attractive applications present on their phones. Thus, resulting in a waste of time.

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Mobile helping peoples in so many ways it is making our life very easy and comfortable. Getting information sending messages or searching is now faster, affordable and essay because of mobile phones. More students are using mobile phones to do their homework and project it is no doubt very helpful for students. There are numbers of app helping education in the rural area and also providing quality education. It’s also true that students are sometimes using mobile phones in wrong ways but if we restrict and create awareness then it will be great too for education.

Should mobile phones be allowed in schools & colleges?

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