Personality Development

Personality development institute in bhubaneswar

Every one knows personality plays a vital role to achieve the goal whatever  some one has . Personality contributes a lot for those also want to make their career in as minter always. And for this from students to professional business man every one world is looking for a best for PD institute Bhubaneswar. Some time they are confused to choose a institute in Bhubaneswar and during this time they take a wrong decision which leads to a frustrated life and the career looks hazy.


English Mania is a personality development institute in Bhubaneswar. We have been providing as integrative and a practical creative to get rid of their shyness. Because we understand that shyness is the most challenging futures which stands as a hurdle as the way to also understand that class room is not any the platform to build up the personality.  So to go for solution we have been conducting so many outdoor session through some type of team building games stress management games, listening games along with other interactive games to enhance their communicative skill and to improve some one’s personality.

Most of our session of spoken English includes so many activities based on personality development which really helpful the students to build their confidence level and contributes a lot to stand in front of a crowd being presentable while delivering a speech in the stage.

Hence join English Mania to sharpen your personality.


This module cover various topics and situations, to one’s personality development by kindling one’s potential and enhancing it manifold in a non-taxing, self educative and easy to absorb approach enhances presentation skills.

The broad topics covered are:

  • Handling people
  • Interpersonal Skill
  • Intrapersonal Skill
  • Art of attraction
  • Leadership & Successful relationship
  • Memory Enhancement & Time management
  • Overcoming worries & Criticism
  • Effective speaking
  • Healthy mind & Decision making
  • Body Language
  • Emotional Intelligence

Personality development institute in bhubaneswar

Personal Interview Skill Training in Bhubaneswar

Personality development institute in bhubaneswar,Personality development institute in Acharyabihar