Spoken English

English Mania is a professional and the choice of your spoken English in Odisha for sharpening your communication skills in English as well as to complete with today’s corporate world to deal with the people understanding the requirement of any particular organization in torn of group discussion skills, Inter personal skills, stress management.

We impart spoken English training through providing a friendly and a practical based method where students get more fertilizes to open themselves and participate in the training. We also provide practical usage of grammar through different types of actives. We also provide outdoor training and stage show program in order to get rid of stage phobia and shyness while speaking in front of people in Odisha.

It is also a very good platform for those who are very poor in Spoken English and don’t even know how to frame a sentence properly because we are providing special attention in order to make them able to cultivate ideas for speaking and writing in Odisha.   spoken english in odisha

  • Pronounce the words Correctly spoken english in odisha
  • Participants will be equipped to identify their individual communication barriers
  • Use grammatical and structural English in Conversation
  • Build Vocabulary through poem & Story telling spoken english in odisha
  • Tongue twisters to reduce Mother Tongue Influence (MTI effect)
  • Effective Communication skill through various activity

Every Sunday we have workshop to identify the improvement areas of the students for an organized and specific module of training for 3 hours continuously. We also allow them to open up their each and every problems and once they open up their problems, we go for a small counseling to sort out the problems they face in their day to day life related to their personality and communication skills.

We understand that classroom is not only the platform to improve spoken English skills in Spoken English so we allow the students to take the advantages of our telephonic conversation where students get a call to attend and interact with the trainers of our institute and in their conversation skills in Odisha.

spoken english in odisha