Business Writing Skills

Business Writing Skills

Good writing skills can enhance your image and increase your confidence at the workplace. Starting from sending a mail to a peer, proposal writing to a client and preparing a presentation to teams,  95% of the communication in any workplace happens through email exchange. But , are you confident in writing Effective mails, letters, proposals that get the attention of your peers, clients, boss and others?

 Course Highlights

  • 7 Days sessions
  • On demand 1 to 1 dedicated session with instructor
  • 10 real practice tasks for improving your writing skills
  • Small batch size with not more than 6 people
  • Learn emailing etiquettes in detail
  • Write Professional mails, proposals and reports in 1 weeks.
  • Extended modules such as writing memos, agenda etc.

Course Objectives

  •  Writing Business English’ is a course that will help you in the following:
  • How is Business English different from written English
  • What are the different types of emails that we send to our internal and external customers
  • E-mail etiquettes that we need to remember for drafting a mail
  • What is proposal writing
  • What can proposal do
  • What kind of proposal brings success
  • Presentation skill building
  • Do’s and don’ts of Presentation skills
  • What is a Memorandum
  • How is it helpful in the market
  • Composites of a Memo
  • Minutes Of Meeting- uses and process

Who can take this Course?

  • Working professional from any field/department

Why should I take this course

  • Become a more efficient employee at your workplace
  • On demand free of cost sessions to learn how to blog and even write a resume
  • Boost up your career with the certification.
  • Add value in your resume
  • You will never afraid to write a mail to your boss , team members or to your clients
  • You will become confident in writing any business document
  • Your mails or proposals will get the attention of your peers. This can enhance your image at the work place

student spoken english student spoken english