Why should we be concerned about our communication

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June 13, 2019
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Whenever the word communication comes to our mind we start researching a lot rather than going by small common sense what we have to learn communication in our day to day life. Some they say communication means English speaking. Some other they say that it’s all about mugging up all the cords. As per the objectives of our speaking some they say that it’s all about giving message.

In the way most of the people are really confused to find out a better understanding the term “communication”. Now let’s discuss to find out specific meaning on the term communication. Why should we be concerned about our communication.


Have you ever experienced the communication as a part of English language? Yes, people often get into dilemma whenever they see the people having a very good command and fluency ever English language. But if we see it practically getting deeper and deeper into the term communication we find that the language ‘English’ is just a medium of communication like Hindi, Odiya, Bengali.

When we run behind a particular language to speak no doubt at all people understand it as their regional language. If we go to any particular region life Andhra Pradesh people feel comfortable with Telgu in Odisha its odia and in Calcutta it’s Bengali. But it’s also true that English has been well recognized all over the world as our international language.

Develop Your English Vocabulary

From the above discussion, English is a medium to communicate all over the world when someone’s goes apprised. In the corporate level people also speak English to communicate among the employs. But if we see the major communication in our day to day life we see different type of language playing a vital role as a medium to communicate in a particular region.

So in order to understand the communication we should focus on the message rather than focusing at a particular language. We always communicate in a different type of platform and deal with different situation, time and people around and us.

The way how people demand how situation demands and the platform demands it’s not only the words in a particular language. It’s only the message they want the communication to deliver in a simple and specific manner. Which gives then a better understanding?

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Sometimes people use some words that don’t give clarity to express their message specifically. Sometimes they don’t use the word as per the objective. Some other times they use the words which sound long and lengthy to communicate with others.

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