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October 27, 2017
October 28, 2017
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Movies are harming our society

Movies are harming our society

Movies are harming our society

It is a fact that environment plays an important role in a person’s life whether it is personal or professional. TV channels show the things that most of the people want to watch. Channels are earning by fulfilling demands of the public. But there is true said” We learn bad things 2o times quicker than good things”, 90% channels show the things that are not accepted even people watch them.



  • Keeping aside the action and drama, the vulgarity depicted knows no bounds.
  • India has dependably been known for its way of life. Notwithstanding, it’s uncommon to discover motion pictures in light of any culture.
  • Because of the media and the buildup made by the famous people individual lives, adolescents get affected in the wrong way. The movies that depict extreme violence, murder cause mental harm to children.
  • Teenagers become easy fashion victim of the skimpy dresses worn.
  • Most of the movies show extreme drama which may hurt sentiments of people.
  • The comedy movies, most of the times overdo the humor by making a mockery of reality.

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  • India is one of the largest movie producing country and due to its wide acceptance, Hindi movies can be easily used to portray India’s art and culture.
  • Most of the country’s population watches Hindi movies; hence it generates revenues rather than harming the society.
  • They can be an excellent source of refreshment for stress.
  • Even though the actors wear skimpy clothes, however, not in reality. The movies should not always be taken seriously. It is not necessary that each Hindi movie needs to pass some message to society.
  • Violence has existed for years now. Hence blaming the Hindi movies for depicting and encouraging violence is not fair.
  • As a matter of fact, the movies depict that good always wins over evil.




Hindi movies can possibly be the best medium of entertainment. If made well, they can be easily used to educate the society on several issues. Even though a majority of the movies are extremely entertaining, the focus should be on culture, religion etc without hurting the sentiments of any community.


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