10 Most Useful Idioms With Meaning And Sentences

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April 11, 2018
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10 Most Useful Idioms With Meaning And Sentences

An idiom is a commonly used word or phrase which differs from the individual meaning of a particular word or phrase.10 Most Useful Idioms With Meaning And Sentences

Here we have 10 most useful Idioms with Meaning and Sentences discuss.IDIOMS

  1. Action speak louder than words

Meaning: – Individual’s expectation can be judged preferable by what they do over what they say.

Example 1:- Taimur: You can’t complete the project.

Sonal: You don’t know action speak louder than words.

  1. It takes two to tango

Meaning: – It needs more than one person for any action or communication.

Example: – It takes two to tango to from a private limited company.


  1. Fast track something

Meaning: – Giving the highest priority to your most desired result yet to be achieved.

Example: – Bikram has kept his goal on fast track for this financial quarter.

  1. Deliver the goods

Meaning: – Doing something as per the expectations or promise.

Example: – I have joined English Mania to improve my English, after a lot of research hope English Mania delivers the goods.

  1. Whole bag of tricks

Meaning: – It refers to all forms of clever means or strategies which are implemented to achieve the goals or objects.

Example:-Rajeev is applying his whole bag of tricks to achieve the targets of this quarter of the financial year.

  1. Chase your tail

Meaning: – Doing a lot of hard work on something but achieving very little.

Example:-She has been chasing her tail all the malls in town but still unable to get a nice dress for her.

  1. Test of your own medicine

Meaning: – Whatever happened to you, you are giving the same thing to someone else.

Example: – As he is an intellectual and mature person, he never tastes of his own medicine.

  1. Steal someone’s thunder

Meaning: – To take advantage of others deed or work.

Example: – He has a habit o stealing someone’s thunder.

  1. Get the show on the road

Meaning: – It refers to a process in which ideas get transformed in to actions.

Example: – My team is all set to get the show on the road in the upcoming “International Edufest 2018.”

  1. Picture paints a thousand words

Meaning: – It refers that a picture is more expressive than words, thus it can substitute a set of words as far as expression is concerned.

Here we have 10 most useful Idioms with Meaning and Example discussed.

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Common English idioms and phrases with their meaning

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