10 Most Useful Idioms With Meaning And Sentences
10 Most Useful Idioms With Meaning And Sentences
April 12, 2018
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May 2, 2018
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Quota System in india

Quota System in India

India is a democratic country. It’s a multi cultural and multi lingual country. So here lots of different casts and lots of different communities’ peoples are living together. Here the question is that what is quota system?Quota System in India. What is quota system?

Quota System in india

What is quota system?

Quota system means when we provide different type of facility to some group of people those who are lower in standard. According to Cast and Creed those who are suffered a lot in the past. We are providing them different type of facilities so they can enhance their lifestyle they can grow they can develop. Our government   provides quota to schedule cast, Schedule tribe, Social backward, other minorities and various kind of handicapped people. So, the debate is here that our Indian government should provide quota or not. Somehow the quota system is applicable to those who really socially and financially backward, those who handicapped and having some medial issue. But when quota system is applicable for those who normal and financially strong. People who physically fit and financially strong as they belong to SC and ST categories if we provided them quota then we do injustice with real capable and efficient general category people.Quota System in India. What is quota system?

So, government should take a stringent action against this unavoidable problem so that general people those who are efficient and capable enough to do job won’t be neglected. Due to quota issue there are lots of disturbances are going on in our country. Many general efficient candidates are suffering and becoming suicidal. Some of them also involve in various kinds of antisocial and notorious activities example: theft, robbery, bank loot, cheating, fraud and beggary etc. Some of them the potential candidates migrate to foreign countries to show their talents and earn handsome amount of salary.Quota System in India. What is quota system?

So our nation is losing many brilliant entrepreneurs, Doctors, Engineers, scientists and lawyers etc.

Conclusion: –

Indian Gov should deeply ponder over it and take some effective steps to manage this problem as soon as possible and   no one will suffer or neglect in our nation anymore. Efficient and potential candidates will get job as per their choice and talent So that our country will progress characteristically. Thank you.


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