GD Topic: Having credit card is good or bad
GD Topic: Having credit card is good or bad
November 14, 2017
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GD Topic: Arranged marriage vs love marriage
November 17, 2017
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Bullet train or Better trains

Bullet train or Better trains

Bullet train or Better trains

We all know this word very well most of the people in our nation once in their life used this medium for travel to their destination. The railway is one of the main income sources for the Indian economy. From pre-independence train is the main travel medium for the people.  Now our govt. planning to start bullet train in which can travel at the speed of 350 km/hr but here’s a question arise that do we really need bullet train or we need batter train. Let’s find out the conclusion of this group discussion topic Bullet train or Better trains


For bullet train

  • Bullet train will make the travel experience better. The passenger can reach their destination in very short time.
  • Bullet train will be more comfortable and clean.
  • Bullet train will make India proud because it will provide world-class facility bullet train will be an attraction for the tourist.
  • A bullet train can travel more than 350 km/hr which is almost similar speed to flight and it will less cost than flight journey.
  • Our existing railway’s system is too old some of them are from pre-independent time. We have to change this system form safety of our people.

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For batter train

  • We all know that the existing railway system is running at a huge loss and to set a bullet train system we need a big investment. Also traveling in bullet train will cost more than existing train it is not affordable to all Indians.
  • Bullet train is high-speed trains it can reach up to 350 km/hr which is not safe in our existing railway system.
  • It will batter to invest in our existing trains and make them more comfortable. We should work on train timing most of the train runs late and they are very slow than their actual speed if we can solve this problem then our railway system will be better than any other railway system in the world after all we have the largest rail network in the world.




It is not bad to bring new technology. No doubt bullet train will reduce the travel time but it also true that our existing railway system is too old and need improvement. Without modernizing the existing railway system we can’t afford bullet train.


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