Celebrity Brand Endorsement: Effective Advertising?

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Today on every TV channel, all big brands are being endorsed by a celebrity, be it a celebrity from cinema or cricket world. Celebrities add glamour to the product and their association with a product makes it popular with their fans.


– People like to be associated with good quality brands.
– Brand endorsed by celebrities put less effect on the purchase or selling of a product as everyone’s knows the real picture of it.
– Brand endorsed by celebrities add only a bit of value not to its quality but, to its overall look so that the product look very good in the market.
– Public has now become smart and they try the products in which they believe.
– People are attracted towards the products use, design and the quality.


– Celebrities attract more public through endorsement and their other acts. The products endorsed by a celebrity get more popular.
– The publicity remains more effective when the name of the brand is associated with some celebrity.
– More and more people come to look which products our celebrities are using and they go for it.
– Association of celebrity with a brand allows it to be more promotable.
– Celebrities can influence the consumer purchasing decision.

In my point of view the celebrity brand endorsement should be avoided to a certain extent. You should go for the products which you think will work for you. The right choices can be made not by seeing the celebrity who is associated with the brand but with the quality of product you are buying.

Celebrity Brand Endorsement: Effective Advertising?

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