Why should we hire you best answers for fresher
Why should we hire you best answers for fresher
June 9, 2018
Is demonetization A Success or Failure?
Is demonetization A Success or Failure?
June 19, 2018
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Digital Revolution: Pros and Cons

Digital Revolution Pros and Cons

The word “Digital Revolution” refers to the transformation of technology from analog electronic and mechanical devices to the hi-tech digital technologies which are available today. This era intercepted in the early 1980’s and still it’s in a progressive mode. Digital Revolution also refers to the beginning of the era of high end information which can be transmitted from one place to another in an advanced manner. The Digital Revolution is otherwise known as the “Third Industrial Revolution”.Digital Revolution: Pros And Cons

The development and enhancement in the field of technology which was brought in due to the inception of Digital Revolution has been contributed the most by the mighty internet itself. Lets discuss that how much this Digital Revolution has helped us in our development and how it has threatened our socio-economic and domestic lifestyles.


Let’s discuss about the “Pros” of Digital Revolution:-

  1. Digital Revolution has changed the means of communication. It has improved the interfaces of communication by introducing the social networks. Digital Revolution has proved to be a blessing in this context.
  2. Digital Revolution has given the access to everyone on almost everything around the globe. It’s the main cause behind the emergence of knowledge economy and its ample utilization by the general people for their requisites.
  3. Digital Revolution’s greatest blessing to the mankind is the “Smartphone”. It has certainly made our lives easier in terms of advanced mode of communication.
  4. Digital Revolution has accelerated the pace of Globalization which has proved that every information of every location as well as individual is just a click away.
  5. Digital Revolution has introduced many advanced technologies in form of corporate gadgets and applications which has enhanced the productivity of the present day business firms. With the options like data analytics and instant feedback, companies got blessed with new opportunities to improve and expand their business processes.
  6. Digital Revolution has also blessed the health care and medical services sector. It has simplified the treatments, which has transformed itself it to be more efficient and cost effective.
  7. Digital Revolution has improved to be the key factor of enhancing the sense of transparency in the field of Public Administration and Governance.
  8. Digital Revolution has been a prime factor in the field of providing more job opportunities to the youth of this country. This has created new fields of employment which has proved to be very helpful in providing new jobs to the new generation aspirants.                                                                              Digital Revolution: Pros And Cons

Now, coming to the “Cons” of Digital Revolution; we have the following points to be discussed:-

  1. Digital Revolution has made many job profiles obsolete which had resulted in the form of huge job losses in the case of old but experienced employees. Majority of these employees belonged from the semi-skilled and unskilled sections of different organizations. The newly created job profiles due to Digital Revolution, demanded for highly skilled professionals. This created a sense of income inequalities as well.
  2. Digital Revolution resulted in information overload which often causes malfunctions in the servers as well as the devices used to fetch them.
  3. Digital Revolution has decreased the attention spans towards the work processes which had encouraged the ill practitioners to infiltrate inside the corporate portals to initiate scams.
  4. Digital Revolution has created more threats for the corporate and individuals such as cyber fraud, cyber bullying, trolls, fake news, etc. and these threats have been disturbing the serenity of the business processes and fiscal transactions.
  5. Digital Revolution had brought everyone’s privacy at stake. Even the government bodies are stalking their own people by mass surveillance. It shows that no one has a connection of belief amongst each other,
  6. Digital Revolution had created enormous threats for children and adolescents. They have become more vulnerable than before due to the introduction of internet and the contents of radicalization and terrorist activities in it. Its ruining our young generation by making them bewildered on the name of religion, country, state, language, etc.
  7. Digital Revolution had created distances in between people. Now-a-days, people prefer virtual world over face-to-face interactions and meetings.
  8. Digital Revolution has started helping in the creation of more tools of death and destruction. These equipment had been manufactured for the destruction of a whole country along with their citizens. Now the dangers have become more than the earlier because today a drone aircraft can also be used as a weapon.                                                                                                  Digital Revolution: Pros And Cons


 Digital Revolution: Pros And Cons


At last, concluding this discussion will be a matter of dilemma because the Digital Revolution has some blessings and some threats in it since its inception. Firstly, it’s a blessing because it has given much technical advancement to every field of mankind. On the other hand, it has also given birth to threats. The only thing that can be done in these circumstances, is to accept Digital Revolution as a coin along with its “Pros and Cons”as its two sides.

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