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E-Learning: A Substitute for Classroom Learning?

E-Learning: A Substitute for Classroom Learning?

Classroom coaching is associated with the long-term skill development of an individual. Coaches are those people who offer inspiration and guidance and heighten the abilities of others through motivation and support.


The Socratic philosophy of teaching has set the stage of coaching over 2400 years ago.Instruction assumes a critical part in the general advancement of an individual particularly in a nation like India. The Indian Education System is developing hugely and the Indian Coaching framework is its necessary part.


A report entitled, “Indian Classroom Coaching Industry: Trends and Opportunities (2015 – 2019)” provides a penetration into the classroom coaching market of India and it focuses on the preparation for various entrance exams.




Interaction – Classroom learning is typically a two-way correspondence process. It is an intuitive session as understudies can have an immediate vis-à-vis collaboration with teacher and their schoolmates. Classroom learning energizes dynamic interest and is frequently known for its multi tangible interests.


Socialize– Classroom learning gives two levels of socialization – between students and students, and, between students and educators. It gives a sort of social cooperation with each other. The cooperation encourages the understudies to create as far as scholastics as well as regarding individual issues. Understudies and educators originate from various social and social foundations. Therefore, this difference can enhance the communication and socialization skill of a student.

E-Learning: A Substitute for Classroom Learning?

Exchange of ideas – Classroom training is an interactive session and provides a platform for the exchange of ideas. Students can raise questions and exchange ideas with one another and turn the classroom into a valuable learning medium.


The sense of responsibility being a piece of a classroom gives you a feeling of responsibility. An understudy turns out to be more capable when he is in a classroom domain. He ends up plainly mindful of his environment and winds up plainly cognizant about his effects.



Size of classroom – Classroom empowers latent learning as there are just a single instructor and numerous understudies. Understudies don’t bring up issues or clear their questions when they lose their certainty. In such circumstances, the brilliant understudies may rule the classrooms.


The ratio of student and teachers – As there are one instructor and numerous students, it is troublesome for the teachers to focus on every understudy exclusively. This may debilitate the certainty of the bashful or less splendid understudies.


Accessibility – Schools and universities are found in the urban territories and are shut at specific circumstances. For few individuals, this may cause a bother.

Lack of critical thinking – Classroom training does not promote critical thinking among the students. Students gain knowledge but they do not understand how, when and where to apply that knowledge. It does not provide the students with a deeper understanding of the matter.


Little time for practice – In a classroom training, a teacher has to deliver a huge number of concepts and theories and they rush with the syllabus so as to complete them on time. This gives less practical exposure to the students. Classroom training is limited only to presentations which are delivered by the teachers. Practice is given as homework.



With the coming of e-learning, classroom preparing is losing its significance in the instruction arrangement of most parts of the world. The term classroom learning infers, the picture of a classroom with one Teacher and numerous students. But the fact that students encounter a considerable measure of fun, they likewise in some cases, faces certain restrictions.


E-Learning: A Substitute for Classroom Learning?

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