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Friends With Money Or Friends With No Money – Your choice?

Being friends with rich people or people with no money is a tough decision to make. It is importantly about the question if you are prepared to get along with the friend you choose. During the school times or college term, most of the people are almost at same financial level. However, after college things change and after some years the financial gap comes between the friends. A big income gap can substantially change the things. So, what is your opinion on the topic, Friends with Money or Friends with No Money! Would your equation with your friends change as per their financial status?


– Einstein said that consciousness is contagious. So, any individual who want to make it big will certainly opt for friends with money.

– Wrong or right, wealth offers privileges, and one of the most fundamental ways to start the wealth-generating process is to get around rich people and watch how they think.

– It is a practical world where friendship holds no meaning. What really matters is your bank balance and success in career. So, keeping friends with money is a better idea than friends with no money.

– Being friends with rich people is a good means to realize whether you are content with your financial status or not. Combat jealousy and learn things that matter to achieve your individual goals.


– It is true that there is a substantial impact of company. So, staying with rich friends can make people more spendthrift. In such a scenario, it will really become impossible for them to become successful in life.

– The exposure to successful people and not rich people can help people expand their thinking and increase their income. 

– The company matters but here the term company should be taken in terms of habits and behavior. If a person keeps the company of good friends, he is sure to earn a respectable life.

– Being friends with rich people forces the people to make unjustified comparison which in turn results in feeling of embarrassment and diffidence.


If friendship could be done with so much planning, and relationships could be made according to our own wishes, the place would have been a much better place to live in. However, it is not the case. Sometimes, we chose friends and sometimes it is the destiny that makes people friends. In any case, it is possible to keep a close check on self-behaviour and spending habits while with rich friends. Taking good things from friends, irrespective of their financial status, should only be the principle of life.

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