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August 22, 2014
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Should Teacher’s day be renamed to “Guru Utsav”?


In India, we celebrate the birthday of honourable Dr. S. Radhakrishnan as Teacher’s Day. This day is a tribute to the contribution of all the teachers towards the society. The ‘Teacher’s Day’ has been named and been celebrated with this name for so many years now. Recently, the renaming of ‘Teacher’s Day to Guru Utsav’ has created a wide debate especially with the Tamil speaking people. After the celebration of Sanskrit week in schools, it’s the next controversy that Modi government has stepped into. The move is considered more to be a Hindu-Hindi theory. Should Teacher’s Day be renamed to ‘Guru utsav’?


– We being Indians should have our festivals named in our national language Hindi.

– We are at the stage when we are promoting the use of our own national language during the Internationals discussions. At this viewpoint of preaching our language, it would be better to have our Internal affairs being reported in our language first.

– Teacher’s Day and Guru Utsav means the one and the same thing. Our reason for the celebration and its charm will not decrease with this renaming. So why not go ahead with this change?

– Mr. Karunanidhi’s allegations on the anti-Hindi front is not an argument that could be supported, as naming the festival in our national language is no harm.


– The day is celebrated to pay tribute to the teachers and the celebration started by naming it as ‘Teacher’s Day’. Changing the name would definitely accompany the stigma which would reduce the charm.

– The year’s old nomenclature would stick to the tongue and cannot be removed all that easily.

– Tamil speaking people were already against the usage of Hindi. This renaming would definitely affect their emotions.

– Such a renaming is again the preaching of Hindi and nothing else. BJP is slowly starting with its trade-mark effect of Hindivad which is not good with respect to all the other states especially the eastern and southern zone of India.


To be precise, the renaming concept is an unnecessary controversy for Modi. The celebration has its charm with its existing name and students and teachers do find the same as a better one. The renaming is no going to help anyone in any way. Using English is not a crime. We are using English as one of our official languages throughout our country, and it is a medium of global interaction as well. No language is good or bad in its entirety. Hence, it would be suffice to call the eve by its prevailing nomenclature as ‘Teacher’s Day’.

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