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Mobile phones - Should Be banned

Mobile phones - Should Be banned

Mobile phones – Should Be banned

Mobile phones – Should Be banned


– The invention of mobile phones has made life easier. Now we can connect with people in few seconds who are living in other parts of world.
– Mobile phones have proved to be a boon for the success of every business as information passes very quickly through this medium.
– We can get in touch with our relatives, friends and closed ones whenever we want without waiting for many days which were used to be the situation in the ancient times.
– Everyone is available to each other 24*7.
– All types of information related to any area are available in few minutes.
– Parents feel less stressed as they are connected to their all the time.

Mobile phones – Should Be banned


– Mobile phones are instrument of health hazard as the electromagnate waves which are transmitted through it cause harm to the body.
– Due to the unlimited connectivity mobile phones has made life miserable for the people who are over using it.
– We don’t have time for ourselves as all the time we are busy over due to one reason or the other reason.
– Today many accidents are caused due to use of mobile phones while driving.
– It is deterring the office atmosphere as most of the people are spending their time over phone instead of working.
– Mobile phones have ruined the social life of people as they communicate with their friends and relatives over phone instead of meeting them personally.
– The radiation generated by the towers of mobile phones has disturbed the balance of the environment. More and more birds everyday die everyday due to the effect of this radiation.
– Children having an access to mobile spend more time in talking with friends rather than on studies and with their family.

Mobile phone has its own advantages and disadvantages. With the help of it we can get connected to any part of the world. On the other hand it has many health hazards attached to it. Somewhere our life has become dependent on it. We have become its slave. Hence, it can be concluded that it is a great invention but its usage should be controlled.

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we are aware of the fact this is an age of science and no one can’t deny with this fact.we can smart phone in every hand provides us chance to catch the world in our mutthi…we start our day by checking our face book status early man…its keeps us updated. withwhat is happening in world,we can also use it in our studies…and the most important thing is we keep in touch with our parents relatives with the help of it.

Mobile phones – Should Be banned

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