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Why do you want to work at our company
June 7, 2018
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Extra curriculum activity should be made compulsory in school

Extra curriculum activity should be made compulsory in school

Extra curriculum activity should be made compulsory in school

We all know that school is a temple of education in school students learn so many things and make some fun. Only writing skill and learning skill for student is not sufficient for students but some extra curriculum activities also required class learning, outdoor session and extra curriculum activity session makes a person more confident, more efficient, and more capable. Here we will discuss “Extra curriculum activity should be made compulsory in school” or not.In present time teachers are focusing on theoretical point of view but they are not showing their effort on practical point of view as outdoor session. In extra curriculum activity they become more interactive and enthusiastic and also they will get a friendly environment.

Should extra curriculum activity compulsory

Extra curriculum activity should be made compulsory in school, because it provides the students with an opportunity to Learn and practice things on the practical levels. They can learn more and they will feel more confident about concern topic. There are many students who don’t want to choose specific stream and they find their future careers in the form of extra curriculum activity so students may know about the out world as well as inner world from other students. It also motivates students towards the sports, curricular etc. It wills definitely new students to find their field of interest.

Government should take solid steps towards this policy knowing the fact those countries like England, Japan and many more having very less population as compare to our country and still win plenty of medals an international level game like Olympics. However now a day’s steps have been taken according by our government but still more efforts should be made in order to see our nation as all-rounder country in upcoming years. Extracurricular activates should be treated on part of studies. It is also included in study but some parents thought that it an simply waste of times. But actually it is not if they know about some extra curriculum they can self employed themselves. They make children expand their thinking mental stress gets reduced by getting involved in sports and others. But the country likes India people of the middle class don’t know the importance of extracurricular activities. They think everything as reading books, that’s enough. They want their child to get settled in life with a good salary, but it is not their fault. So school makes every student participate in those for their welfare. If only studies occur in school they will happy in one side in the other hand they will get a golden opportunity for the career. So we should allow our child to do something unique and we also support them.

Want to learn interpersonal Skill

Extra curriculum shouldn’t necessary for student

Time is very essential for all. In case of student the time is most important for them. They should utilize their time in proper way and proper manner and shouldn’t waste of money. Learning in school as enough for student parents shouldn’t waste their money behind extra curriculum. It is the best time for students where they can build up their career made by opting for extra curriculum activities. It is just a form of entertainment. Students tend to lose their focus and attention on studies due to extra curriculum activities. If is not welcomed by parents. It is impossible for every school to give equal importance to the extra curriculum activities. It requires a vast amount of resources. The aim of student should be only study-study-study. If we implement this rule students can read properly, perform properly.

Parents must invest their money in the field education instead of investing extra curriculum. Students should read their books and cover the syllabus and go to school and college, go to tuition. If we adopt this type schedule they can develop themselves. If they engage themselves in the field of extra curriculum they won’t get much time to study and the consequence if they will fail in examination. Simply you can say extra curriculum activities spoil the life of students. They should do concentrate and focus on study.


Extra curriculum activity should be made compulsory in school, is a good topic to be discussedBoth are necessary for students because only study can’t make a student good but also extra curriculum activity also plays a vital role in the career of students. Study makes them capable and performance oriented and extra curriculum makes them practical oriented. Both are like two side of a coin one is meaningless except another.

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