Extra curriculum activity should be made compulsory in school
Extra curriculum activity should be made compulsory in school
June 8, 2018
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Why should we hire you best answers for fresher
June 9, 2018
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How to control the hike in fuel price?!

How to control the hike in fuel price?!

How to control the hike in fuel price

As everyone knows, that the present scenario regarding fuel price is regarding as a hot potato everywhere. It has become a great point of concern now,   as the prices are going higher day-by- day. Many reasons are responsible behind these circumstances. Some of them come from the field of polities and some come from our own mistakes and ill practices. Here in this discussion we want to portray the solutions to “How to control the hike in fuel price”  rather magnifying it to the fullest. The following are some suggestions of solution which may prove to be helpful in decreasing the fuel price How to control the hike in fuel price?!:-

  1. Shutting down the small vehicle segment:-

The first suggestion to this problem is complete as hut down of the production process of the small vehicles and two wheeler segments, because, segments have the maximum fuel consumptions every day. As every second house hold in this country has more than two wheelers along with one or two cars. This increases the risk of extended fuel consumptions. If the government shuts down the graduations of small segment vehicle such as buses, then the resources of public transport will enhance and the general P.T.O public will also be found to use the public transport resources for their sometime commutes rather opting for their personal means of transport .But the general public should be made aware about this revolution, so that they can understand the depth of the issue and try to give their corporation.

    1. Decrease in the consumption of fuels in the case of industries and Railway:-


The second segment which demands for a fuel consumptions is the industries and the railways. They consumer a consider ally high amount of fuel everyday for their operations. They need to go for alter alternative person of fuel like hydropower and solar energy so that they cater their equipment according. The railway should completely shut down the usage of diesel engine and start using electronic engine to substantive them which can help in controlling the over consumption of fuel.

      1. Use of other alternative for fuel should be encouraged :-

Use of other alternative services of energy should be introduces in the place of the present resources of fuel. This will create a possibility to decrease the fuel consumption. Which may also get reflected its prices. The other alternative to the present fossil fuels can be hydropower, and solar power. Introduction of these sources of fuel can be done in all the sectors including the general households as well because these are the areas where the level of acceptability of the new sources of fuel and energy will be at the highest rates. This will decrease the usage of the present fossil fuels which many result as considerable decrease in its prices.

      1. Proper awareness about fuel conservation is necessary:-

A proper and productive format for spending the awareness about fuel conversation to be executed by the government of India because it’s the demand of the present situation. This may provoke or educate the people to conserve more and more fuel so that their consumption will decrease gradually. This will directly affect the prices of the fuels because the demand of the same will slide down simultaneously this process works according to the plan, then we can expect some chef from the fuel price which is hiking every day.


While concluding this discussion, we can take that the increase in the fuel prices is a very serious issue and it has to be handled very carefully the present situation demands our support and awareness about convention of fuel, so that we can be prepared for attentions and we will decrease our indication towers fossil fuels for our requirements. This is a very delicate condition because it is affecting our life and our financial condition because fuel is the most expensive product which we perches every day. Thus, we need to be conceived about it conversation and using the proper alternatives to it which will decrease the threat  of being harassed during the security of fossil fuels.

How to control the hike in fuel price How to control the hike in fuel price

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