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November 22, 2017
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November 24, 2017
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GD Topic: Should Bhubaneswar accept odd even rule like Delhi?

GD Topic: Should Bhubaneswar accept odd even rule like Delhi?

We all know about the odd-even rule in Delhi which was a unique step by Delhi Govt. to control environmental pollution. Air pollution index in Delhi is now at dangerous level, toxic level in the air is so intense that sometimes hard to take the breath in Delhi.  Delhi is the most polluted city in all over the outstripping the Chinese capital Beijing, known for its record pollution levels. GD Topic: Should Bhubaneswar accept odd even rule like Delhi?

Bhubaneswar is now the first in smart city list and every day there is a rapid increase in the number of the transport vehicle, but there are no steps yet taken by Odisha govt. to control air pollution. a number of peoples and NGOs in Bhubaneswar asking for govt. to regulate odd-even rule like Delhi in Bhubaneswar to control air pollution but there is also some peoples who do not agree with this step. So the question is should Bhubaneswar accept odd even formula for environment pollution or not?

Let’s find out the conclusion of the GD Topic Should Bhubaneswar flow odd-even rule like Delhi?



  • Air pollution index in Bhubaneswar is now increasing every day if the index continues to grow then it will be hard to control in future. It is better to take action earlier and the odd-even rule will be a perfect for this.
  • The odd-even rule is not just a solution to air pollution it can also help to maintain traffic jams in Bhubaneswar.
  • Bhubaneswar is top in smart city list and without controlling air pollution it will be difficult to be a smart city in future.
  • Air pollution is very harmful to chide and old citizens, various diseases are now seen to children’s due to air pollution, no doubt the numbers of patients in Bhubaneswar in very few today but if we do not take step against air pollution then it can be drastic problem in future
  • If we start odd-even rule now then peoples in Bhubaneswar will be comfortable with this system in future.



    • There is no need to flow odd even formula in Bhubaneswar. Air pollution in Bhubaneswar is still under control and air pollution index is very low as compare to other cities like Delhi, Raipur, and Kolkata etc.
    • Public transport is not 100% available so if we star odd-even formula then it will be a problem. We should first emphasis on the public transport.
    • We should focus on more plantation in Bhubaneswar, not in odd-even rule, the odd-even rule is not a proper solution for the air pollution.
    • We should search for other alternatives odd even formula is not a suitable rule for India.



No doubt Bhubaneswar is not that much polluted as compare to Delhi but it is good to take steps against air pollution earlier. The odd-even formula in Delhi was a good step and it was also a recommendation by NGT. If Bhubaneswar also accepting this formula then there is no harm at all it will be a beneficial step for the environment and peoples.


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