Younger generation vs Older generation
GD topic: younger generation vs older generation
November 10, 2017
GD Topic: Having credit card is good or bad
GD Topic: Having credit card is good or bad
November 14, 2017
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GD Topic: Is Dependence on Computers a Good Thing?

GD Topic: Is Dependence on Computers a Good Thing?

GD Topic: Is Dependence on Computers a Good Thing?

From morning to night we all are now days somehow depends on the computer. Computer means not only our desktop it is all the devices which are digital and can use for multi function and can connect to the internet. There is a long list of the device which we use in our day to day life for making our life easier but is it the correct way of living our lives and what is the impact we are facing our mental and physical level. Let’s find out the conclusion with this GD topic:

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Dependency on the computer is not good:

  • Every day peoples are getting more and more dependent on computer devices from laptop to mobile and smartwatch there is everywhere electronics devices which are connected to the internet.
  • These devices are distracting us from the work time and reduce our work efficiency. In the regular interval, there is a notification alert which every drag our attention from work to internet.
  • Our surrounding is full of harmful radiation which is increased by the devices that we use in our day to day life.
  • Latest experiment on human cell phone uses tells that using too much cell phone increase brain cancer chances.
  • Now day’s digital devices making a distance between parents and child’s. Using too many digital devices making youngster aggressive and less focus on their study.


Dependency on the computer is good:

  • Using new technology is not called dependency. Computer and new digital device are for human comfort these devices make human life easier.
  • By using digital devices we can stay connected with our friends and family anytime and where.
  • Digital devices are the new and unlimited source of information, especially for the students it very helpful for learning. Whatever you want to learn you can find on internet.
  • Digital devices are use full for navigation without GPS our modern world are very difficult for traveling.
  • Radiation is everywhere but it is wrong that using a computer is increasing cancer some experiment is no doubt going on this but there is no 100 percent proof that computer is causing cancer.
  • The latest medical instrument is now totally computerized which is more efficient than manual therapies.




It depends on the person that how he/she wants to use the digital device there is always be a good and bad side of the technology but using the right one is depends on the person’s mentality. Using computer technology is no doubt beneficial to human but we have to control the excessive use or the wrong use of this computer otherwise we will face a lot of problems in future.

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