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February 20, 2015
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Smartphones are making people dumb

The Smartphones have entirely changed the world of communication, and the impact of its introduction is visible on personal as well as professional lives. Smartphones come with multifunctional tools and several number of apps which bring uncountable benefits to businesses both large and small. It is the prime reason behind the name ‘Smartphones.’ However, there is a group which believes that Smartphones are making people dumb. Do you agree with the statement?


– The greatest drawback of using smartphones is the adverse impact on people’s memory. Nowadays, people tend to forget things due to excessive use of Smartphones.

– Previously, people didn’t have any problem in remembering the telephone numbers and other tasks to do; however, it is not the same case now.

– The so called useful tools including social networking apps, fully functional web surfing, games and many others mindlessly occupy time of people. Instead of doing productive work, people keep on wasting their precious time.

– Let us talk in terms of money. A Smartphone can be bought under Rs 20000 as well as above Rs 40000. There is no doubt that the expensive ones have more features. But more than 80% of people don’t even know what the features are. They just buy to showoff, and hence are nothing but dumb.

– Smartphones make people dependent or rather say addicted to it. The users remain at the mercy of the notifications. There is no dividing line between rational use and addiction, which results in stress and decreased productivity.

– Texting on Smartphones has deteriorated people’s English grammar and spellings. Even on formal papers they write either the SMS language or wrong spellings. This is another step towards being a dumb.


– Smartphones are directly related to technology. How can Smartphone make people dumb when the technology related to it changes forcing the people to get acquainted with latest changes?

– Smartphones come with several tools that help the people increase their productivity. It is a learning tool, even for the professionals.

– Information for virtually all the people is available, which the users utilize to complete their tasks even when they are on move.

– Smartphones makes people wiser as they can check products of different companies, compare their features and prices, and can select the best one out of them. It helps to know what are the facts related to everything, and therefore is a rare chance that people are fooled by marketers.

– Smartphones makes people smarter as they now use the voice communication apps to appear for an exam, test or interview.


Smartphones can be better defined as a tool that present a latest conundrum of productivity. On one side, they force innovation to follow people wherever they go, and on the other side, they amplify the negative habits enter into the people’s lives. Understanding how to reduce the bad while focusing on the good is the smart way of using a Smartphone. So, use it wisely, and don’t allow anyone to comment ‘Smartphone has made you dumb.’

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