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Does Salman Khan Deserve Imprisonment?

Salman Khan, the Superstar is in news once again, for not so good reasons. He has been sentenced to 5-years imprisonment after he was found culpable of killing a man in a 2002 hit-and-run case after a night out drinking. Four other men were injured in the accident. Judge DW Deshpande found Salman Khan guilty for crashing his vehicle while being drunk on homeless men sleeping on the road side and then fleeing the accident scene. The judge stated that Salman was driving car under the influence of alcohol and without a license. The debate is going all over the world as to Should Salman Khan Be Imprisoned?


• It is verified that the alcohol intake was more than the set limit, clearly dumping the tyre burst explanation. Such rash cases cannot be ignored.

• The court even stated that Salman Khan didn’t bother to provide any form of medical aid to injured people. Such an act cannot be termed as being human.

• Just because he is an actor or a much admired star doesn’t gives him privilege to get mercy for his wrong doings from court.

• Salman Khan claimed that Ashok Singh was driving the car. It appears that his way of doing charity is by trapping innocent people.

• As per the report, Salman Khan didn’t even have a legal driving license in 2002.He got a license in 2004.

• Salman Khan ran away from the spot without informing about the accident to police officials. If his driver was on driver’s seat, why didn’t he try to contact police officials and take their help?

• It would send a wrong message to society to start doing charitable acts along with bad deeds so that they can escape their wrong doings.


• It is true that Salman Khan was at fault, but it is also true that he has performed several charity works in last thirteen years, highlighting a significant change in him. If the good deeds outperform bad, a second chance is warranted,

• Still there is a lot more confusion as on who was driving the car. Moreover, Kamal Khan is missing in entire case proceedings.

• Salman Khan would go to jail but what about the producers who have invested their money in Salman’s upcoming films. Over Rs 200 crores are on stake.

• Punishment is not a solution to problem. Instead the court should make him meet the expenses of injured families on monthly basis.


It is not a barter trade going on that kill people and then start doing charity to hide misdeeds. As of now, it seems the case as fans and supporters of Salman Khan ask for mercy. However, they have forgotten that he already received star benefits. If anyone else has been there at place of Salman, he would have been punished thirteen years back. So, instead of cribbing they should be happy that Salman managed to get out of problem at a cost of just five years of his life. Just a little reminder, Compensation and Punishment are two different words!!

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