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Start up v/s Big brand names – which one should you join?


Success stories of big brands are inspirational and tempting to join the league of successful people with a secure career. But starts ups are leaving no stone unturned with their instant success and freedom of decision making, a better prospect to develop as some might say. There is close call when you have to chose between joining a big brand and a start up. Studies show that more and more people are now preferring start ups over big brands though there is uncertainty associated with this option. Challenges are more but then there is more prospects for development as well.

Start ups are better:

1. A company in its nascent stage is the best platform for an individual to check his credentials and see how much his efforts add to the overall development of the company. You get the freedom to grow as an individual, augment your own skills and make the best of what you have in you. You cannot think of being this comfortable in a big brand that already has set rules to to followed and expectations to be fulfilled.

2. There is indeed more work pressure at start ups but it all depends upon how you take challenges. Either you sink to the pressure and give up or you land up enhancing your creativity and credentials as a better personnel. Your individuality is more focused in a start up as compared to that in big brand where mostly combined efforts in a team are valued. You get valuable experience and there is much to learn at start ups as compared to big brands where focus is always on more to produce.

3. Taking risks helps in the long run. With more risks involved individuals are more willing to push their efforts beyond ordinary. Challenges have their own positive effect on work and most people are more likely to perform excellently under challenging situations. This is one of the reasons why many people prefer start-ups over big brands.

4. Dedication is always more when individuals are assessed on their own efforts and they are usually more determined to bring to life an idea which is their own product of creativity. That freedom to explore your own idea with your own dedication and passion added to it is productive,making start ups a better choice for those who do not like to be dictated.

5. With lesser individuals in a start up, one is more open to handling different kind of work. You will be getting a chance to wear different hats at the same company adding more points of credentials to your resume. This cannot be accomplished in the corporate world where they already have experts in each field that they require.

6. The brands which are big today were once a start-up. Working for a start-up gives you an opportunity to be a part of success story of a big brand.

Big brands are better:

1. The biggest advantage with big brands is better pay and no risks involved unlike start ups that are more prone to failing and offer lessee pay. With career at big brand you can be assured that your future holds better security and prospects that anywhere else. Your efforts at big brands are more likely to be rewarded and the extra facilities you get are an icing to the cake.

2. Start ups are quick to hire but not to forget they are quick to fire too. They do not offer the job security which comes added when you join a big brand. There is work pressure and a race to succeed and survive in start ups which makes them hire and fire according to situation.

3. Big brands are more structured and your working hours are likely to be well balanced. In start ups there are more challenging situations where working hours soon begin vanish in limits and weekends turn into working days. Every person needs a balanced life and stress beyond time can lead to lowering in performance for some.

4. In the corporate world they are likely to have experienced experts in every department. When you join a big brand, you will be able to receive proper training for the first few weeks and your amateur performance will not affect the productivity of the business giving you more time to adapt and get used to the work atmosphere.

5. In the corporate world, your field of expertise is more likely to be enhanced since you will be working with the team of similar experts who would be more experienced than you. There will be more to learn in your area of expertise unlike in start up where you are allocated different works depending on demands. Start ups have low funds and individuals are made to work the most that they could get out of them with whatever pay they are being given.


Start ups can be bliss for some while the same cannot be said about everyone. An individual must analyze what he/she wants from a job and accordingly decide between start up and big brand depending upon their personal evaluation of themself. If one thinks that he/she cannot survive under constant pressure and under expectation of being vulnerable towards different types of work, they should consider the corporate world of big brands. While others who think they thrive well under pressure and challenging situations to add to their resume, they should fearlessly go for a start up.

GD Topic for 12th April,2015 GD Topic for 12th April,2015

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