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July 8, 2015
GD Topic-II-for 11th July,15
July 10, 2015
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Increasing no. of Engineering Colleges is a boon to the society.

– Yes, increasing number of Engineering Colleges is a boon to the society as they provide a platform for the intellectual people of the country.
– As there is an increase in the number of Engineering Colleges students can get various options to pursue their desired area. 
– Engineering college increases the efficiency of the students by honing their skills which is better for their personality development.
– They make more people employable.

– Increase in number of Engineering Colleges does not guarantee the quality of engineers India requires today.
– The number of Engineering Colleges is increasing but the number of job vacancies has decreased proportionately creating a dearth of jobs.
– India’s literacy rate is decreasing and people need more primary education as they cannot afford the luxuries of the engineering college, imparting primary education would mean more educated people.
– Rather than focussing on the number of Engineering, the target should be the qulity of education imparted, trainer to student ratio. 
– Focussing on increasing number of engineering colleges means not training the people in other fields. 

It is true that engineering colleges are the need of the hour as they hone the skills of the students making them a powerful asset for India. But the other fact is that 63% of the population is still illiterate. It is only making the coming time worse for India. People should be imparted primary education which would result in more educated young men and women, which in turn will help in overall development of the country. We should also focus on training our population in various fields so that it is not an unbalanced growth.

GD Topic-I- for 11th July,15

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