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May 9, 2015
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May 16, 2015
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GD Topic-I- for 17th May,15

Whatsapp is killing minds!

A Saudi man divorced his wife after she ignored his whatsapp messages. The husband said that his wife used to spend all her time on whatsapp messaging platform. Due to the addiction, she even ignored her children. Whatsapp is not a new thing in the market. Even the people who are not educated are well aware of the messaging platform. The messaging app that started as a boon can turn into a bane, if not used carefully. It is killing mind of people. Do you agree?


• The youngsters are getting addicted to the messaging platform like other addictive substances. It is more of an addiction rather than convenience.

• People are not using the messaging platform for connecting with friends or relatives instead they just want to check out the their presence on messaging platform.

• A messaging platform connects people, but whatsapp is creating bridges between people. The app, in many cases, is creating unnecessary doubts in relationships.

• The start as well as end of the day happens with whatsapp. And, if people don’t find any messages they start feeling low.

• People are so occupied with the use of whatsapp that they are unable to differentiate between real and factual relationships. We can easily notice that while you are talking all the time to your friends on Whatsapp, you hardly have an interaction with your immediate family. This also points out the fact that while people have a lot of friends on Whatsapp network, there’s hardly any friend available whom they can talk out their heart face to face.


• Whatsapp has become the largest messaging app, and it is just because it has allowed people to come closer to each other.

• There are some people who are not involved in any work, and such people are only addicted to whatsapp, not everyone.

• Whatsapp has allowed the school friends and distant relatives to come and talk at one place. It doesn’t kill mind but helps the people to cherish the old good memories and relationships.

• In a world, where people don’t have time to meet friends, whatsapp has allowed people to share their problems with friends on messaging platform regardless of time and location.

• Whatsapp is now even used by many firms and organizations for sharing of important information among employees.

• If used properly, Whatsapp can help generate new business opportunities and close the existing deals faster.


Every thing in this world has two sides, one positive and one negative. The use of Whatsapp is no different. It is not a black or white app, but a grey app whose pros and cons are decided by the user himself. The people are more isolated than before in the present world. Some make their world better by using the app, and some make themselves more isolated after using this app. In all the cases, balance is the key.

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