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Should tablets replace text books?

The present world is a tech-savvy world where children are more informed about the latest gadgets and technological advancements. Many a times, elders need to consult the children to know about the various features of mobile or tablet. Time is changing and it is really important to analyze the ways through which education is imparted to the primary kids. In a changing scenario, do you think tablets should take the place of text books in junior classes?


• If tablets take the place of books the children don’t have to carry the big bags full of different books.

• The present generation of children is more attracted towards technology and they will openly learn the things on tablets.

• The use of tablets will allow children from various backgrounds to stay updated with the latest technology.

• It will be more fun to learn and get the education on tablets. Children won’t feel like they are forced to study.

• The use of tablets is one of the effective ways to save the environment. There will be no need to cut the trees or opt for printing books.


• Who said that tablets are an effective way to save the environment? Manufacturing of one tablet uses 79 gallons of water and produces 66 pounds of carbon dioxide.

• The technological devices should not be used for long term. It adversely affects the health of the people.

• The tablets are an expensive form of the education that cannot be afforded by children of all sections.

• The parents are not tech-savvy, and they might find it really difficult to guide the children in their studies.

• Books if lost or damage don’t cost more, but if in any case tablet is lost or damaged it can prove quite expensive to the parents.


There is no doubt that the world is getting more tech-savvy and digital. Still it is not the right time to replace the books by tablets. The time will come when it will be feasible, when tablets will become really cheap and the parents will be more comfortable with the new form of education. But today it cannot be made compulsory.

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