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February 14, 2015
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February 18, 2015
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Youngsters Should Leave Home After They Finish High-School

Have you come across the new magi advertisement where the girl tells her mom that it’s high time for her to become independent? In most of the foreign countries especially the U.S. and U.K, there is a culture of youngsters moving away from parents to live an independent life. However, this culture is not widespread in India. Only after completion of professional degree, youngsters in India move away from home to pursue or search a job. So, what do you think? Is it the time to change trend? Should youngsters leave home after they finish high-school?


– Youngsters will understand the value of money. Right from an early age they will start saving for a better future.
– When youngsters will face real problems of the world, they will understand the value of parents and family.
– Parents can feed their children for a lifetime, but this approach will not allow them to learn how to feed themselves.
– There are times when the atmosphere of home is not peaceful. In such a scenario, it is better for youngsters to find a direction in their l- ife.
– There always remains a generation gap between children and parents, and sometimes the best possible solution is to move away from home.


– Growing up is not only tough but also expensive. It is not possible for the youngsters to become financial independent at an early stage.
– It is not feasible to leave home after finishing high-school as the education is still not complete. A high-school education cannot fetch them a lucrative job.
– Parents can make youngsters learn a lot many things right from home. They can make strict laws that should be followed at any cost.
– Parents can always ask their children to share responsibilities and that is a much better way to make children independent.
– There is no sense when youngsters leave the home for fun, only to return back to home after some days.


The idea of leaving home after high school is not practical in a country like India. First of all, the economy is not so stable that it can provide jobs to all the youngsters. When it comes to financial independence or sharing responsibilities, it can always be done under parent’s supervision. The trend will result in higher number of Boomerangs with additional problems for parents.


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