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November 17, 2017
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GD Topic: Should Yoga be made compulsory in schools?

GD Topic: Should Yoga be made compulsory in schools?

GD Topic: Should Yoga be made compulsory in schools?

Benefits of yoga are well known today not only in India today whole world practicing yoga for better health. Practicing yoga is an ancient tradition in India it is our heritage and gift to the world for every one batter health. There is a lot of benefits in yoga and nowadays in yoga, there is lots of job opportunity.

Indian government taking many steps to promoting yoga even we have seen our PM practicing yoga with thousands of people. But there is a controversy about introducing yoga in school so let’s see what the controversy is and find out the conclusion.


  • As physical education yoga should introduce in school. Yoga is beneficial for health and mind.
  • Yoga helps to immunity agents various disease which will increase student attendance.
  • Practicing yoga with classmates will develop teamwork quality in youngster
  • We all know practicing yoga is good for health so why we shouldn’t start it earlier, starting yoga from school time will benefit youngster in their old age.
  • Yoga is a sure short solution for body pain and stress release, in exam time student can practice yoga for a few minute which will help them to manage exam pressure.
  • Yoga teaches us to leave a good and healthy lifestyle. Teaching yoga to the youngster will build their lifestyle simple and healthier.
  • The blood flow can be improved with yoga and oxygen supply to body cells can henceforth be increased. If practiced from a young age, yoga can work wonders and help one grow gracefully

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  • Yoga is related to Hindu community it is a religious practice we should not introduce it into public sector where different people from a different community is present.
  • If we make yoga compulsory in school then it will not be accepted by all the religious master and parents. Which will make a controversy thought in youngster mind.
  • All religious community should get their freedom to accept or deny yoga if anyone wants to practice yoga then there is no problem but making yoga compulsory in school will force everyone to practice.



Benefits of yoga are widely accepted we should not connect this ancient gift with any religious practice. There are no such solid points which indicate yoga is harmful to anyone we should accept this as health and immune improving activity.

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