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September 20, 2014
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September 27, 2014
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Necessity of Women Quota Bill for Women Empowerment

group discussion topics with answers

Friends we all are talking about woman reservation but before that we need to understand why and from where this word reservation arises. The journey begin in 18’s and 19’s century when people who are of upper class try to demolish the people who are at lower level. Like the people who are general don’t like people who are SC/ST/OBC due to which the growth of general people is increasing day by day and those who are SC, ST or OBC there growth is decreasing day by day in terms of education, economics etc. So keeping in mind that thing a new concept was came into existence which is know as reservation. Which gives right to people of all category so that each individual can grow be it in terms of education, economic etc.

But today in the 21 century reservation quota is not that much effective because in today’s world it is used not to grow people of all category but it is used to demolish people of some category be it related to general, SC, ST or OBC at some point of time it will lead to discrimination for some category or the other. group discussion topics with answers

Talking about woman empowerment then sorry to say but we live in a country where we say that women has equal rights as the men has but if they both have same rights then why not we are having men quota as well? Army, navy, air force are name of few fields in which women are standing equally to men then from where does this concept women reservation i.e. women quota arises because as I mentioned earlier it was made to grow or empower people of all category.

But in today’s world women are equal to men so in my opinion there is no necessity of women quota bill for women empowerment.

As per my opinion I am totally against for the reservation system, whether it is in respect of caste or gender. This should be for only that person who are physically disabled and economically backward. On the other side for empowering the women, there is a need for change of the mind of the people of the society. The government should take necessary step for the security of the women. The qualifying and eligibility criteria is enough for the selection of candidate in any exam, in any job. So I think reservation is not good option for empowering the women. group discussion topics with answers

This is Eshwar Goud C. My that the reservation is no more a beneficiary for the real needy. I don’t think the reservation Bill will be available to women who actually deserve it, but to those who can buy the ticket. Elections in now a days is a very expensive business, and contestants are only those who become ready to spend really good amount. So, I don’t think the women bill will really empower the eligible women.

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