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September 27, 2014
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October 11, 2014
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Reservations in the Private Sector

In every govt sector SC, ST gets conession and also get the free exam guidence. In this senario pvt sector is correct. If SC/ST candidates getting more and more concession and their all seats are reserved for them, so why should they apply in pvt sector. Please use their talent in govt sect and not in Pvt sector. Because all OBC and Open candidates are not getting any concession.

one of my friend is very intelligent and talented person but he belongs to SC. He is working in private company and searching job change but private sector is not accepting him because he belongs to SC. This is what happen in private sector. So, caste should not come in certificate.

If there is no reservation in private, why private sector is asking caste? They should see his tallen and knowledge not caste. Who asking reservation in private sector? who affected by private sector those people only asking. Why private sector behaving like this. Because some private sector is not accepting SC people for higher position even though he is tallen and intelligent. The only way is caste should not come in certificate.

Do reservation really help the poor people or minority or some simply misuse them.

1. Well to help the needy the best way is to give them books, help them economically enlighten the whole society with knowledge, technology so that they can stand with their own legs and with proud they can say I reach there by facing same struggles that every one faced.

2. Reservation- Practically up till now it has proved that it help more to political leader for gaining votes by thoughts like this leader is from our minority or will bring reservation for us.

3. It will make country more prone to internal war and will raise topic like secularism.

4. As one minority will rise, soon the other minority or it’s equivalent group will rise definitely for it’s reservation and will finally lead to rush. In last it is fact that general will spit their anger by saying this is unfair and again this is harmful for country’s unity.

5. Naturally it will weakens the real effort of minority or talent of reserved people because they they will feel themselves reserved and will not try their best and so in real terms it can harm them.

6. There should be some other methods and measure which should help minority and cast system should be avoided perhaps society parameter should not be money but should be moral values and knowledge. Money should be equally distributed, real help and real fact is equality.

Reservation in private sector is not at all a just option in today’s world.

My reasons:

1. As most of my friends have spoken, reservation given on the basis of caste or creed doesn’t ensure that the help is going out to the ones who really need it. On the other hand, many who are actually suffering are kept away from its benefits.

2. Reservation breeds mediocrity. Once a person knows, he is being given extra allowances, he will not give his best which affects his performance and the institution as a whole, specially if its a private sector job requiring high efficiency.

3. When a person gets inside an organization on the basis of reservation, even if he capable of the role still others sometimes feel that he has got an easy way out which eventually gives birth to jealousy and an unhealthy environment.

So the solution is formulating a proper, error free system which can find the real needy and backward classes of our society based on their economic conditions and then provide reservations to some extent. Only then can this system be made right.

Reservation is typically a major problem which differentiates people. Any system to work efficiently needs to be absolutely unbiased. For a country to develop, talent is the key point which should be kept into consideration. Concept of reservation came up during the early times just to give a chance for backward people to get through. But, since the purpose has been served due to equal rights for all, time has come to give it a STOP. It is witnessed that private sectors are much efficient than government just because they don’t compromise with talents, thus grab the best hand.Reservations in the Private Sector

According to  point of view reservation is part of dirty politics. Private sector success is depends his services to customers or this think fulfilled by employee if we should get reservation in private sector the chances is less to company get efficient employee. Reservation should only those people who is financial backwards or handicap. This is my opinion about reservation. Reservations in the Private Sector

Reservations in the Private Se

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